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Tequila , lime and salt

You Can Make Diamonds Out Of Tequila!

Tequila may be just another drink to those out in the town, but to a team of scientists in Mexico their country’s native alcohol turned out to be a gem; a diamond, to be precise. Javier Morales, Luis Apátiga and Victor Castaño at the National Autonomous University of Mexico made the alchemist-worthy discovery while experimenting […]

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Animal Facts So Cute, They Cheered Selena Gomez Up

Here’s a list of facts that were just so cute, they made Selena Gomez stop crying. 1. A newborn panda weighs as much as a cup of tea.                     Selena cries. 2. Squirrels will adopt an abandoned baby if its parents are gone. Selena cries some […]

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Star Wars UberFacts Give Away!

4 Mind-Blowing Facts for Star Wars Fans (and a chance to WIN some cool Star Wars gear)

It’s not quite May the Fourth yet, but since we’re giving away some sweet Star Wars™ First Edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphones… we’ve got some fun facts from a galaxy far, far away. Don’t worry – none of them have anything to do with Jar Jar. A Schizophrenic Galactic Empire? Did you know Darth […]

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Phobias Might Be Memories Passed Down From Ancestors In Your DNA

Memories may be passed down through generations in DNA in a process that may be the underlying cause of phobias. Memories can be passed down to later generations through genetic switches that allow offspring to inherit the experience of their ancestors, according to new research that may explain how phobias can develop. Scientists have long […]

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Making Electricity From Urine

Scientists have developed a way to convert urine in to a renewable energy source. But as Sally Magnusson, author of Life of Pee and presenter of Radio 4’s Secret Science of Pee, writes in this viewpoint feature, there is some way to go before the idea is embraced more widely. A growing number of scientists […]

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Spending Money On Others Makes You Happier

In their book Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, authors Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton draw on years of quantitative and qualitative research to explain how money can buy happiness, but only if we spend it in certain ways. The key lies in adhering to five key principles: Buy Experiences (research shows that material purchases are less […]

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Eating Chocolate Can Improve Math Skills

Eating chocolate could improve the brain’s ability to do math, a new study suggests. Mental arithmetic became easier after volunteers had been given large amounts of compounds found in chocolate, called flavanols, in a hot cocoa drink. They were also less likely to feel tired or mentally drained, the findings, presented at the British Psychological […]

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66-Year-Old Man Discovers He’s A Woman!

A 66-year-old who lived his whole life as a man was given a surprising diagnosis after visiting the doctor in Hong Kong with a swollen abdomen — he was a woman. Doctors realised the patient was female after they found the swelling came from a large cyst on an ovary, the Hong Kong Medical Journal […]

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Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.44.31 AM

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You

Found this great little infographic today – Thought I’d share it with you! Have any suggestions? Tweet and follow me @KrisSanchez.

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Every 60 Seconds

Every 60 Seconds on The Internet

Here is a cool little infographic I found about what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet! This may (or may not) surprise you. Remember, if you have any fact suggestions or interesting finds, you can always follow & tweet me @KrisSanchez. Enjoy!

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