10 Abandoned Film Sets That Are Hauntingly Beautiful and Still Intact

Image Credit: YouTube


Everything is make-believe in Hollywood, and it’s no surprise that after countless productions, there are a lot of sets that get left behind. Eventually, they’re reclaimed by Mother Nature, as is the way of all things. There’s something eery about places like these, as if the ghosts of the past are still there. And while there’s no reason to think any of these still-intact film sets are teeming with ghosts, well…there’s no reason to think they’re not, either.

#1. Port Royal (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Image Credit: Disney

Image Credit: Twitter

The set was constructed on St. Vincent, on Wallilabou Bay, and you can find many of the set pieces still hanging out like someone is coming back for them.

#2. Bus/Train crash (The Fugitive)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Image Credit: YouTube

The bus/train crash from the film was physically recreated…and left to decompose somewhere in the Great Smoky Mountains. Tell me you wouldn’t run the other way if you happened upon this in the wild.

#3. Gas station (The Hills Have Eyes)

Image Credit: Fox Searchlight

Image Credit: YouTube

This creepy horror flick takes place in Nevada, but if you want to visit this relic of the set, you’ll have to trek all the way to Ouarzazate, Morocco.

#4. The Long Branch Saloon (Gunsmoke)

Image Credit: CBS/Twitter

The building is still standing in Kanab, Utah, though based on these pictures it looks as if that might not be the case for long.

#5. The diner from Looper.

Image Credit: Reddit

Image Credit: Endgame Entertainment

Out in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana, and completely intact, as if it was dropped there by aliens. Or, you know…time travelers.

#6. Popeye’s village (Popeye, 1980)

Image Credit: Paramount, Flickr

The village was constructed in Malta and left to the country’s government after wrapping. They’ve done nothing to keep it up, but it does function as a tourist attraction if you’re up for a visit.

#7. The Bar None Ranch (Hey, Dude!)

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

Image Credit: YouTube

If you’re a millennial, this probably looks familiar, but Nickelodeon hasn’t used the set since 1991.

#8. Westworld Set Piece

Image Credit: HBO, Instagram

The Hawthorne Mall, in California, has been closed since 1999 but Hollywood can’t leave it alone – Taylor Swift also shot her “Ready For It” music video inside.

#9. District 12 (The Hunger Games)

Image Credit: Lionsgate, Instagram

The set, in Henry River Mill, NC, looks more like it belongs in the final installments of the trilogy cause it’s rundown and eerily empty.

#10. The American West in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Image Credit: United Artists, Instagram

It’s actually Texas Hollywood and, oddly enough, stands untouched in Almeria, Spain. Huh.