10+ Dog Tweets That’ll Definitely Brighten Your Day

©Flickr,Bob Haarmans


I’m gonna go on record and say it: I will NEVER get tired of tweets and posts about dogs!

That’s right, I said it, and I know most of you have been thinking it. If you still need convincing, these 15 tweets featuring good boys and girls are guaranteed to put you in a very, very good mood.

1. Awwwwwww

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Martini dog

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Close enough

4. Where’d it go?

5. Don’t see that very often

6. Just like a drunk sorority girl

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. The worst thing a parent can say

8. I love this!

9. Nice to meet you

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Dog wizard

11. My dream

12. Jam session

13. Part of the family

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. Breaking the rules

15. I am a human

It doesn’t get much better than that!