10+ Everyday Problems That Are Just The WORST

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Life is hard. Just when you think things are going your way, you run into something that ruins your day. Sometimes the problem is big, but more often than not, it’s just some small pet peeve that happens at the perfectly wrong moment. For me, it’s the so-called “easy-open” bags that somehow seem even harder! This list is made up of other things like that — things that should make your life easier but definitely don’t, or things that should be simple but instead turn out to be very, very hard.

#1. Again with the “easy” open lie.

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Okay, not they’re just mocking me.

#2. When you can’t find your phone, and it’s like you’ve lost an appendage

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Or a child.

#3. OCD friends, look away

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Crumbs. In. Butter…[face melts].

#4. When the person in front of you in line gets chatty with the check-out person…

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I have places to be, people!

#5. Man vs oven

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#6. Why doesn’t everyone use the easy peel stickers?!?

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#7. No one’s fingers fit in there.

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But you’ll get zipper burn trying.

#8. Just say no to reusing your knife, people

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No joke, this should be outlawed.

#9. Three words: spreading hard butter.

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Don’t pretend like you don’t empathize.

#10. Seriously, don’t tease me

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Just looking at this gives me the rage shakes.

#11. Instant angry face

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They’re conspiring to make my day worse, aren’t they?

#12. Hard Nutella is no better than hard butter

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In fact, it’s worse because you want its creamy, hazelnut-y goodness so much more.

Ah yes, the gates of hell. I remember them well.