10 Facts About How Men Think

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Years of studies and our own human observations have proven one thing: men and women are different. Very different in some ways, that’s for sure.

These 10 facts dig a little deeper than the usual facts you see on a regular basis. Ladies, pay attention to get some better insight into the man in your life. Men, maybe you didn’t even realize some of these things are true about yourselves (we are known to for not paying attention).

1. Men have nightmares about disasters

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I can vouch for this one. A study from the University of Montreal showed that while women’s nightmares tend to be more about interpersonal conflict, men have nightmares about floods, earthquakes, war, and other calamities. Mine tend to center around tornadoes…maybe because I grew up in Kansas.

2. Men like women to be a healthy weight

According to research by Blanca Ortega-Roldán Oliva from the University of Granada, men prefer women who are slim and look healthy. Essentially, men are not looking for a waif-thin image of a supermodel, but someone whose weight is proportional with their body.

3. Pay attention to the thumbs…and the belt

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Men involuntarily strike a specific pose when they are interested in a woman. You’ve seen it a million times. He hooks his thumbs in the belt of his pants, demonstrating that he is courageous and strong. Basically, men who do this are kind of, sort of pointing to their crotches. Does it work? The jury is still out…

4. Men prefer compliments from other men

This one may come as a bit of a surprise. One would assume that men would prefer to be fawned over by women, but the opposite is true. Men actually prefer compliments from men and it gives them a self-esteem boost.

5. Men have friends based on interests

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While female friendships are usually based on emotions and supporting each other, men choose friends based on common interests: sports, activities, etc.

6. Men eat way more when they are with women

This one may seem a little odd, but research shows that men really do eat more when they’re with the ladies as opposed to their buddies. The reason? Instincts. It’s about impressing women. We’re animals, remember?

7. The older they get, the looser the clothes become

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As men age, they prefer looser clothes. When we’re younger, we’ll wear things that may be kind of uncomfortable just because we think they look good. When we get older, it’s all about comfort baby. Have you been to Florida lately? Trust me, you’ve never seen so many loose-fitting Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts in your entire life.

8. The IQ determines the lifestyle

Scientists in Sweden found that a man’s IQ strongly influences his way of life. The main outcome centered around alcohol consumption. Men with lower IQs tend to drink much more than their counterparts on the other side of the spectrum. The bottom line is that, typically, men with higher IQs lead healthier lifestyles.

9. Men lie twice as much as women

Men lie more to their partners, bosses, and colleagues. It’s a fact. The most common lying phrase men repeat turned out to be “It’s OK. I’m fine.” I’ll have to count how many times I say that one today.

10. Men stare at women…a lot

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On average, men spend 43 minutes every day staring at 10 different women. That adds up to about 11 days every year. That’s a lot of gazing. Based on these numbers, between the ages of 18 and 50, men spend over 11 months of their lives looking at women. Just so you know, women only spend about 20 minutes each day looking at men.

h/t: Bright Side