10+ Guys Reveal Their Favorite Guilty Pleasure Chick Flicks



Okay, confession time: I’m secretly a huge fan of Grease. As a matter of fact, I was even Kenickie in my high school’s production of it!

The fact is, a lot of guys like movies and shows that might be considered “girly,” even if they don’t admit it very often. These AskReddit guys decided to man up and admit their favorite guilty pleasure chick flicks.

PS – I’m also a big fan of Dirty Dancing

1. A Hanks/Ryan classic

“You’ve Got Mail.”

2. I’ll still groan

“Devil Wears Prada. That movie cracks me up and inspires me, but I’ll still groan if my wife chooses to watch it. “

3. Guilty as charged

“I’d say “Mean Girls,” but it’s not really a guilty pleasure, it’s more of a “proudly admitted and well-known” pleasure of mine. F**king LOVE Mean Girls. So damn funny. So damn quotable. 100% should be seen as a classic

If we’re going for truly guilty pleasure, though? Eat, Pray, Love.”

4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Pitch Perfect!”

5. I love it!

“How to lose a guy in 10 days is trash and I love it!”

6. Classic


7. Unexpected

“The Proposal was unexpectedly hilarious.”

8. Balls out

“Yo I balls out love Pretty Woman.”

9. Heartstrings

“Love, Actually is a pretty fun movie. It tugs

on all the right heartstrings.”

10. Double trouble

“Two weeks notice. Who can resist to Sandra Bullock AND Hugh Grant?”

11. Shocked

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I chose that for movie night. My girlfriend was shocked that I liked it.”

12. A good choice

“10 Things I Hate About You. When my little sister turned 16 I gave it to her saying “This will teach you everything you need to know.” “

13. Three solid entries

“Crazy Stupid Love is a really fun and funny movie,

Legally Blonde, b/c Elle Woods is heroic.

She’s the Man was funny.”

14. Easy A

“Easy A. I will watch that on TV 10 out of 10 times. Emma stone is a god damn American treasure.”

15. Don’t judge me

“The Princess Diaries. Don’t judge me, Anne Hathaway is gorgeous.”