10 Hacks That Are Guaranteed to Simplify Your Life



We’re all looking for ways to simplify our lives these days, and these 10 hacks are simple but useful – and guaranteed to work!

#10. Clean your toilet without scrubbing

Photo Credit: Brightside

Dump in a can of Coke and let it sit overnight. Then just give the bowl a quick swipe and flush!

#9. Waterproof your shoes

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Melt beeswax on your shoes with a hair dryer until it’s no longer visible. Voila!

#8. Unclog your drains without a plumber (Liquid or otherwise)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

All you need is baking soda (1cup) followed by vinegar (1 cup) and some hot water. Save time AND money!

#7. Dry your clothes more efficiently

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Roll clothes inside a dry towel, then wring it out and hang them to dry. You save the energy of the dryer and keep your clothes in better shape, besides!

#6. Clean your shower head (and faucets)

Photo Credit: The NY Melrose Family

All you need is some white vinegar in a plastic baggie, and a rubber band to secure it in place. Let it sit overnight, then the metal will be as good as new!

#5. De-smellify your shoes

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If they’re just stinky, put a tea bag inside them to soak up the stench (try something good-smelling, like peppermint!). If they’re wet, too, put baking soda and rice inside and leave them for a few days.

#4. Kill body odor

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Who among us hasn’t run out the door without deodorant (more than we’d like to admit)? If you’ve got an orange (or other citrus fruit) in your lunch bag, rub some of it one your skin. No more smell!

#3. Stretch out your shoes

Photo Credit: Pixabay

We’ve all bought a pair of shoes on a whim because they’re super cute, only to admit after a single wear that they’re too tight. Instead of relegating them to the back of the closet, try shoving wet newspapers inside and waiting for them to dry.

#2. Keep your cooler cold longer

Photo Credit: Flickr

Just add salt to the ice, and you’ll have cold beer and soda longer than before.

#1. Start a fire in a pinch

Photo Credit: Hackable

Use your chips – they’re excellent sources of fat, oil, and chemicals (all necessary to make a fire).

h/t: Brightside