10+ Hilarious Airport Greeting Signs That’ll Make You Wish You Called an Uber Instead of Your Family

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After a long cramped flight, most folks look forward to seeing a familiar face welcoming them home. Perhaps, there will be a heartfelt embrace or a warm handshake. Then, the loving partner or best bud will handle their carry-on as stories from the road are shared. Making their way to baggage claim, they think it’s so nice to be home. What wonderful people I have in my life to pick me up from the airport so graciously with nary a complaint.

But that doesn’t always happen, does it. To be honest, no one wants to pick you up from the airport. It’s a pain. You should know that.

That’s probably why these put-upon people decided to make airport signs that serve a dual purpose: 1) to entertain the other suckers that were roped into picking someone up at the airport, and 2) to prevent you from ever asking again.

1. You asked for a pick-up.

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2. You shouldn’t even have left, damn it.

Photo Credit: So Goodly

3. Your family doesn’t want to pick you up from the airport.

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4. He wantsa talk, that’s all.

Photo Credit: The Chive

5. The 13th step is to find other friends.

Photo Credit: Pens and Patron

6. She didn’t mind coming to the airport.

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7. Whoever you ask to pick you from the airport has to pay for parking by the half-hour.

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8. The threat of a Force Choke for airport pickups should be used on an emergency basis only.

Photo Credit: Demilked

9. This took a dark turn.

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10. So, flowers work too, just saying.

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11. The takeaway here is not to ask them to pick you up from the airport again.

Photo Credit: Reddit

These signs are hints, people. Nothing wrong with taking public transportation or a cab home from the airport. Save you a little embarrassment too.