10 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Delighted and Terrified All of Us


I visit Tumblr religiously every day, because people on Tumblr post the most random things. A lot of those things are instantly relatable to me, so I figured I’d share some with you:

1. I wonder what his apartment looks like…

Photo Credit: deadendfairy.tumblr

2. Tanks for the memories

3. Dat ass!

4. That escalated quickly!

Photo Credit: mintsyrup.tumblr

5.  But how?

Photo Credit: beysexuality.tumblr

6. So would that be another way to lose your virginity?

Photo Credit: morgrana.tumblr

7. That’s how you get dead

Photo Credit: krafteasymac.tumblr

8. How prehistoric of you…

9. Everything about this is scary and fantastic. More please.

10. At least you’re motivated

Photo Credit: boethiah.tumblr

You’re welcome. 🙂