10 People Dish on the Most Spoiled Person They Know

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We all have those people in our lives – even if we’d rather not. You know the ones. They find a way to make everything about them no matter what the circumstance, and whatever they get, its never enough.

If you thought thought the ones you knew were bad, wait until you read about these 10 gems.

10. A sad story

“A girl I have known most of my life. Her parents treat her like she is the queen of England or something. Growing up, if there was a new toy out that she wanted, her parents bought her 5 (and if possible, in each color) because she would break her toys.

She had 2-3 bedrooms. One was big enough to be a studio apartment alone. Where did she sleep? Her parent’s bedroom.

If she wanted to go somewhere, like Disney World, her parents dropped everything to start planning that vacation.

When she started driving, she had 3 new cars in 8 months. Not because she crashed them or they broke down, but because she just had to have the newest model. I think she is on her 15th car now.

Never has had a job. Her parents pay for her and now her son.

In school, she had a “tutor.” I say it in quotes because the tutor just did her homework for her. I’m surprised she can even read and write, honestly. Although, reading her Facebook statuses shows me she can’t write much better than my 9 year old.

The worst part was… if she didn’t like someone, she had her parents do their best to try to ruin that person’s life. She got her 7th grade teacher fired, claiming he was being inappropriate with her. He wasn’t, he never was in a room with her alone. He was a kind, old man, but he didn’t put up with her not doing her homework. He failed her in a few subjects. He was never charged or arrested or anything, no legal trouble from it, but the school did force him into retirement because they were scared.”

9. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

“My brother. He has this notion that because he’s adopted our parents “owe him” forever. He treats them like garbage and they do all they can to help him and his son. He’s a 27 year old man child and I can’t stand him.

And in case anyone’s curious, I’m adopted too though we’re not related by blood. I love my parents and just see them as normal parents.”

8. Nobody is better than Dylan

“There’s a little sh*t of a kid next door. Parents are those new age parents. Real hands on parenting. No one is better than Dylan. He’s 11 and has a PS4, XBox One, drum kit, guitar and his parents for the last five years have sent him to Barcelona for a football camp. He walks around like Lord Muck. Has one of those resting smug faces. I hate him. I’m a 25 year old male.”

7. Paid to play

“Girl I went to college whose parents paid her a ‘salary’ which was more than I earned in my job. She then used to tell her parents she needed extra money for course books and go spend it on booze. Her parents didn’t want her to work because it would interfere with her studies. She got f*cked up so much on booze and drugs that she ended up dropping out of college and then they bought her a flat to live in.”

6. A terror

“My half-brother (genetically). His mother was so proud that she raised him, birth to teens, without ever chastising him or punishing him. His adoptive father was meek enough to go alone with his wife’s “parenting.”

Half-bro never had time out, or talks about what he had done, etc. Not once in his household. Oh, he was a douche. I was made to play with him because we were kinda the same age, and I tried to get out of it constantly.

He was a terror at school from day one.

Even in high school, he hadn’t had enough discipline in school to make up for lost time, and did stuff like shoot sharp pencils and bits of glass at other students. Funny story: once he missed so badly that he shot himself in the eyeball. I laughed more than I should have at that. I think his teacher did too, before calling in a medical thing.”

5. Mo’ money, no problems

“I’ve worked at a private school in the UK this past year, and I have a few examples of kids just having no idea they were spoiled, which just made it worse.

-16yr old comes into school on Monday complaining how unfair it was that his dad grounded him for crashing their plane. I asked him how bad it was, and he said ‘it was only ¬£40,000 worth of damage, which his dad can afford so what’s the problem’. My jaw dropped.

-Another 16yr old asks me what I’m doing for the summer break. I tell him working mainly, with perhaps a weekend to visits a few friends. He COULD NOT wrap his head around why I wasn’t travelling, going on holiday etc, then followed to go on about how he’d spend his summer at his private lake.

Saving the best one for last folks.

-On his birthday, one of the 18yr old students received a chain of hotels. A fully operating 5* chain that would all be officially owned under his name. The nerve of this kid to complain it wasn’t what he wanted made me really resent working there for a while.

Edit: To those doubting the truthfulness of these statements, this was the only 3 outlandish moments I had over the year so out of 800 kids, it’s a small percentage.

And to clarify, the 18yr old with the hotel was not expected to run it, he simply would get the owners share of the profits from then on.”

4. Just say no

“My cousin who’s 8 years old.

My aunt is to blame for his spoiledness though.

He cannot except no for an answer. For example, Everytime he goes to the store with my aunt he gets a toy or a game. And if he goes with me or my grandparents or other aunt and we tell him, “No you’re not getting a toy/game we’re just here to pick some groceries” and the boy throws the biggest tantrums. It’s so embarrassing.

Also because of this he always has to win whenever we play a game. Now not that I try to win all the time but when I play a video game or board game I play it usually with his twin sister who is a bit of a drama queen but is really mellow compared to him. We were playing this star wars millennium falcon game and his sister had won and he said “no I win” and proceeded to knock over all hers and my pieces to which I scolded him telling him that wasn’t nice since he had upset his sister and I told him to apologize to which he did but still. I’ve heard from his sister that his friends at school don’t really like to play sports or games with him because if that.

I feel bad for him to be honest, my aunt kinda screwed him up I feel by giving in to every demand he wanted his whole life and am worried how badly it’ll affect him as he gets older.”

3. No consequences

“This kid I went to highschool with got a porsche for his 16th birthday. Keep in mind 16 in my state is when you can get a permit, so he didn’t even have a license. He got a new one later in highschool after backing out into a tree. He basically was handed admission to an Ivy league school because his grandparents had donated a building.”

2. So say we all

“if my cat was considered a a person, then it would be it”

1. Just stop

“My brothers girlfriends daughter screams whenever she can’t have what she wants. They give her what she wants so she’ll stop screaming.”

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