10+ People Dish on Which Minimum Wage Jobs Should Pay Way More



There are a lot of jobs out there that most people wouldn’t want – and for some reason, the people who take them aren’t compensated very well for picking up the slack. I bet you can think of a few off the top of your head, but these 12 people had some pretty good takes on which ones deserve better pay and why.

#12. A pitiful amount of time.

“Care assistants that travel to the patients house usually in their own transport with a pitiful amount of time to spend with the patient and nearly zero time allowance to get to the next patient. They are also expected to lift patients in and out of bed or a bath which can lead to them injuring their back.”

#11. Very demanding.

“Childcare! You have to get CPR and first aid certs and do a bunch of technical training. You’re on your feet, moving and active all day (for older students nap time is a lie and they will try and come bother you about everything). You have to deal with sometimes upwards of 15 kids for 12 hours a day.

Amd you’re barely making $10 an hour. It’s a very demanding job.”

#10. A bonus every time.

“dishwashers should get a bonus every time they clean a grease trap!

#9. Pay may vary.

“Emergency Medical Technicians.

Granted, depending on the area/agency/company they work for, the pay can vary. However, there was a short period where I worked for one company who gave us “raises” to minimum wage after the minimum wage increased. We were making $0.50 above minimum, but the increase was by $0.75. So for quite some time, it was a minimum wage job.”

#8. Longer than expected.

“I’ve always thought minimum wage cleaning jobs don’t seem worth it. You don’t get that many hours and they expect too much in too little time.

When I had a cleaning job they paid me for a set ammount of hours but the job always took longer than estimated. Some times getting paid half of what minimum wage was for the hours.”

#7. On quotas.

“Any retail job that has quotas you have to sell things by that doesn’t give commission.”

#6. It’s gotta change.

“Cooks. For what they are paid and what they can typically do job-wise, they are the most critically underpaid job-wise. What I find absolutely infuriating is guys who’ve been doing it for decades, even with certifications or degrees, still usually barely earn above $13/hour.

By cooks too, I mean non-fast food. I’m all for fastfood getting better wages, but actual restaurant cooks with refined skill sets are barely making more. I’ve watched my share of head chefs rapidly age and get beaten by the workload, causing them to drink, do drugs, smoke, etc…

It’s gotta change. Food is such a primal and basic need. We can’t underpay the people giving us good food, otherwise no one will want to have those jobs.”

#5. Someone’s life.

“Pharmacy technicians, pay them as much as fast food workers, even put in drive-thrus, but if you mess up an order, it could be someone’s life instead of their lunch.”

#4. Hardly a livable wage.

“Animal handlers at zoos. It isn’t minimum wage, but it’s damn near close to it.

These people get masters degrees in how to care for and handle these animals only to get paid a hardly live able wage.”

#3. I’ve literally saved people.

“Lifeguarding. I have literally saved people from drowning and am the most trained person on sight, yet i make 8 bucks an hour.”

#2. Truth bomb.

“All of them. Nowhere in the United States can a full-time minimum wage employee afford a modest two-bedroom apartment (here).”

#1. All while smiling.

“CNAs. They get harassed, bit, puked on, clean up poop and other bodily fluids all while smiling or at least being polite/friendly. They deserve way more than minimum wage.”