10+ People Reveal the Scariest Thing to Happen to Them as Children



Hold onto your hats and make sure the lights are on, because some of these will give you the straight-up willies.

12. Close call

“Someone once tried to kidnap me and a friend at our brother’s baseball game. We wandered off on our own for a while, when this guy came out of nowhere and tried to get us to come with him, and after multiple refusals from us, lunged at us and tried to grab us.”

11. So many creeps

“When I was 10 or 11, a guy came up to me and my friend in a park and said he was a gymnastics coach. We were sitting on the monkey bars, and he offered to “help” us flip up onto the top via grabbing our butts. He told us to meet him the next day and he’d take us to the Y on the other side of the city. We didn’t go, thankfully. A girl the same age as us was kidnapped from the same area shortly after, and her body was found near that Y. Was it the same guy? Can’t say for sure, but he was never caught, and the location similarities have creeped me out for decades. (And yes, I reported what happened to me and my friend)”

10. Psychotic stepfather

“My stepfather drove me into some secluded woods with a chain saw, ax, trash bags, and gloves in the trunk and told me the only reason he wasn’t killing me then and there was because my mom asked him to wait two weeks.

Then he essentially said if my dad got custody he would kill us all, took me to McDonald’s then took me to school late. Told the counselor I had been making good grades so he rewarded me by letting me sleep in.

Dad definitely got custody.”

9. Thought it was popsicles

“Saw red popsicles in the road at the bus stop. When I got closer I realized it was a freshly run over cat with it’s bones sticking out.”

8. Domestic abuse leaves scars

“My dad tried to throw my mum down the stairs. She was screaming at him, it was terrifying.”

7. Boys should definitely not be boys

“The hillbilly neighbors tried to run me over with a truck. They thought it would be funny to hear me scream. I was 4 years old. Their dad was cop so nothing was done. “boys just having a lil fun” F*ckers. it’s been 40 years and i still see that Orange pickup in my nightmares.”

6. Lessons about bull riding

“I saw a man die during rodeo while bull riding when I was 8. My parents were real big into bull riding and the dude just got thrown off and rag dolled when he hit the ground. The clowns scared off the bull and he just wouldn’t move, the EMS dudes came along and put him on a stretcher and carted him away, and as he was being carted we could see his head was turned the wrong way and everyone knew then he was dead.”

5. Beware the cyclists

“I mean, I was a pretty ballsy child and I was not easily scared, but one thing has stuck with me even over the years: I saw a young man on a bicycle being hit by a car, when I was maybe 7 or so.

It really sort of happened almost in slow motion, or at least in my memory. he smashed against the wind shield, then kind of…slid off, and collapsed as a rag doll.

I never knew if he survived.

To this day, as an adult who drives, I’m really, really careful about watching cyclists.”

4. Witness to a tragic accident

“I was about 7. I was waiting for the school bus one morning and about 50 yards away a mother was riding her bike with her child strapped in a bike seat behind her. She cycled in between the curb and a speed bump and fell. Her baby’s head hit a peice of rebar that was sticking out of the speedbump. She got up and ran with the child screaming, “MY BABY!!” a few houses down where cops and an ambulance were handling another situation.

Don’t know what happened to the child. The mothers screams were the most haunting thing I’ve ever heard to this day.”

3. Superhero mama

“We were moving, had our house packed up and we were driving cross country. We pulled into a gas station and I decided to stay in the truck because we hadn’t been on the road long and I had video game magazines to read.

Someone else pulled into the gas station, pumped his gas and ran into the store and tossed money on the counter for the cashier. He came back out, in a bit of a rush, and left the hose in his truck when he drove off. This caused a phenomena known as “Holy sh*t everything is on fire.”

My mom started trying to rip me out of the seat, but I was buckled in and then she also realized “F*ck a lot of our stuff is in this truck.” so she changed strategies. She jumped into the car so fast that she had a bruise on her knee for the next week from the shifter, and took us off down the road, somewhat ironically leaving my brother at the now-really-super-on-fire gas station. But she got me to safety while my aunts got my brother out of there.

From my perspective I finally got a minute to myself, heard a KTCH-TUNK FLOOM and then a 100 pound woman was screaming at me and trying to dislocate my shoulder, and then we were doing 60 miles an hour with a much ghostier version of that same woman driving the vehicle.

Never got my soda though so 4/10 experience.”

2. Sleepover fears

“When I was a smallish, awkward kid (6-7, also only child at the time), I went to my first sleepover with my “friend” and her older and younger sister. It was alright until the mom told us to go to sleep/lights-out. Then my “friend” and her older sister punched me in the ribs/stomach a few times and told me repeatedly that my parents were never going to come back for me, that they didn’t love me, and that they probably died on the way to the restaurant they were planning on going to that night.

I kept trying to be strong but after probably 30 minutes I started crying/probably full-on anxiety attack. Their mom came and took me to the couch and tried to “calm me down” by yelling at me to stop or else I would throw up on her carpet/furniture. I remember crying more and getting confused, do people actually throw up when they’re freaked out and crying? Then at some point I fell asleep (I think), and I woke up in my parent’s apartments.

My mom said my “friend’s” mom was so nice for carrying me home, but took my side after I told her what happened.

It was the most traumatizing thing of my childhood, and it messed me up for quite a while. I never really made friends after that, and had a rough time ever going to a sleepover again.”

1. Near drowning

“I nearly drowned in a recreational swimming pool. Think I was around 6 years old and not much of a swimming talent. My parents had my older sisters look after me while they were swimming around with my uncle and aunt.

At some point I went under and swallowed some water which made me cough badly. I couldn’t stay afloat anymore and was waving my arms all over the place trying to get someone’s attention to help me.My sister saw me and she did something I still give her a hard time over. She.. waved back at me. That’s all she did, she waved back. I thought to myself “I’m dying”.

Luckily a lifeguard saw me and pulled me out in time. Still not comfortable whenever I go swimming now.”

h/t: Reddit