10 People Share Examples of Double Standards That Ruin Things for All of Us



In this day and age of feminism and “wokeness,” it’s sometimes hard to believe that double standards still exist. At least, I’ve heard that’s the case if you’re a man.

If you’re a woman, these 10 incidents probably aren’t going to surprise you. But they’re still going to make you mad.

#10. Reverse ageism is a thing

“Search my bag as I leave the store? How about all the older people than myself that you let stroll on by without bag checking?

At my workplace the only people I’ve ever seen shoplift or attempt to shoplift are those over 50.”

#9. Hypocrisy is the worst

“Anything involving politics. Obama/Hillary does a thing the right goes nuts, Trump/Bush did the same thing the right makes excuses. The left does the same thing. They are so oblivious to their hypocrisy it is maddening. Or they excuse their parties actions because the other party did it before or still does it. If it is wrong it is wrong no matter which side does it ffs!”

#8. Thin skin abounds

“Someone being able to poke fun at you but then can’t handle it when they’re the one being poked fun at back.”

#7. Let people be

“As someone whos underweight and has a hard time gaining weight, nothing pisses me off like how people feel its okay to make fun of my weight, body proportions, etc. But god forbid the same was done for someone overweight.”

#6. Give respect/get respect

“My father is always yelling at us (don’t worry, I’m 17 and almost out of here), but when I (or really anyone) tries to talk to him, he gets angry and accuses me of having “an attitude”. I get that I need to stay calm and all, and I do. But for real. Am I really the one with an attitude here?”

#5. I married the babysitter

“Woman taking care of her children without her partner = nothing special.

Man taking care of his children without his partner = babysitting.

A man taking care of his own children is doing nothing more special, heroic, or out his range of normal skills and duties than a woman. You don’t “babysit” your own children.”

#4. Dog days

“Nobody bats an eye when my dog takes a dump in the middle of a park while staring at a group of kids, but everyone loses their minds when I do it”

#3. Be successful anyway

“Most girls are okay with being in a relationship where the guy is more financially or academically or whatever successful, but most guys are uncomfortable and intimidated if the tables are turned.”

#2. Score a point for the men

“Woman: here are things about you I don’t like, you need to change.

Man: Ok, here are some things you should change.

Woman: if you can’t accept me for who I am then maybe we shouldn’t be together.”

#1. Rinse and repeat

“Stereotypes are bad.”

“Everyone from the South are a bunch of hillbilly racist KKK Nazis.”