10 People Share the Moment They Knew They’d Marry Their Spouse. Warning: It Got Pretty Sweet.


I guess everyone really enjoys a good love story, because there are multiple AskReddit threads all asking essentially the same question: “What made you realize that you’d marry your current wife/husband?”

For me, it was after one of our dates pretty early in the relationship. We’d been having an incredible conversation all night long, one that actually got me to make some pretty huge, powerful realizations about my life. I actually cried a little because it was so cathartic, and my now-wife never once made me feel bad about my emotions that night. She helped me grow as a person and accepted that I have feelings too (seriously, y’all, toxic masculinity is real, terrible, and way too often propagated further by well-meaning women who have bought into it). I knew instantly that this was a woman I’d be privileged to walk beside for the rest of my life.

Here are 10 of the best responses from people who could recall the exact moment they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with someone.

1. Bae’s from the bay.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Orbiter9

2. The modern-day frog prince.

Photo Credit: Reddit, daisypushers

3. He cleaned her fridge (not a euphemism).

Photo Credit: Reddit, PoopsieDoodles

4. If you mess up this badly on your first date and she still likes you…

Photo Credit: Reddit, deviantsource

5. The way a man or woman treats a fervent Big Foot believer says everything about how they’ll treat you, apparently.

Photo Credit: Reddit, trixtopherduke

6. Love begins with Google.

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7. One of those actually touching moments you were warned about in the headline.

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8. She’s the holy grail.

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9. Gross. Nice, but gross.

10. The truest love.

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Awwww, so lovely!