10+ People Share the Shocking, Dirty Secrets of their Industries



No matter what industry you work in, you know dirty little secrets that people on the outside don’t. Restaurants, cruise ships, hospitals, you name it. They’re all fraught with things they don’t want the world to know.

These folks shared their knowledge on AskReddit about their industries. Take a look.

1. Deep sea diver

“I was a deep sea diver for 10 years in the Gulf of Mexico. Huge oil spills happen and are covered up hundreds of times a year by every company. The entire industry is in on it. The bottom of the gulf is a disgusting garbage dump. Every boat dumps their trash into the gulf no one obeys the laws and the coast guard doesn’t enforce shit.”

2. Avoid the pet chains

“The suppliers of big pet store chains like Petsmart and Petco are horrid for the animals. They’re nothing but breeding factories, churning out as many animals as possible with no thought to their health. A large majority of our animal shipments came in sick, dehydrated, or dead. Animals were often left in the back “sick room” with little if any veterinary care. We once had a greek tortoise with a respiratory infection languish for 6 MONTHS back there, barely eating anything at all before someone finally took her to the vet and had her put down. I adopted many animals during my 3 years there, including a cordon blue finch that had caught her leg in cage wiring, snapping in half at the ankle, and a gerbil that came in with no eyes and a horrible break in his leg. They would have otherwise sat in a small dark cage their whole lived never being offered up for sale.

It’s not just cats and dogs you shouldnt buy from petstores. If you’re looking for ANY pet, be it small animal, reptile, or bird. Please go to a respectable breeder, even a shelter. Don’t support the giant corporations.”

3. Useless shit

“From my former job: The US military has a tradition where you spend your entire budget by Oct (the new fiscal year) or you risk losing that portion of your budget. I’ve been in units that would go out and purchase $200,000 worth of useless shit just to avoid having a budget surplus. Multiply by the number of units in the military (a shit ton) and you have all your fraud, waste and abuse.”

4. Bandwidth

“Fiber Internet Service Provider here – bandwidth is not a scarce commodity like they want you to think it is. It is all about profit margins and over subscribing the network.”

5. Fragile. Must be Italian

“I work for a UPS store. Here is a few things I have learned since working here…
Writing fragile on your package means nothing.

Your package WILL get thrown around, dropped, and beaten up; if it is breakable then according to our guidelines for properly packaged items it needs to withstand 1000lbs of pressure and a 4ft dtop.
UPS capital claims is terrible as well they will do whatever they can to not pay you the amount you insure your package for.”

6. Carpet

“Little secret. When you buy carpet you usually need less square footage of pad than carpet. But most companies bill you the same square footage for both and often send less pad than you paid for.”

7. Splendid!

“When you pick your dog up from the kennel after a splendid beach vacation and he/she smells like dog shampoo (probably because you requested a grooming session), that’s because we have a spray that smells like dog shampoo.

Your dog has been in his cage, frightened by the foreign environment and loud barking/growling dogs. He probably shit himself or peed and then laid down in the puddle. This made him feel extremely guilty because he knows he’s supposed to go outside for that. He’s a mess, mentally and physically.

So when you come to pick him up and we realize “oops, Fido never got over to the groomers”, we have a spray bottle of doggie febreeze. We wipe any shit off as best we can, tie a festive bandana around their neck, and hope you don’t notice the completely manic excitement they’re exhibiting when you’re finally reunited.”

8. No retirement

“I used to work in medical records for Medicare. I am now terrified of retirement.

I, along with 12 other extremely underqualified people, was hired to be a transcriptionist for handwritten in-home assessments, written by nurses who did not give a flying fuck what they were doing. We were expected to read completely illegible handwriting, and type it all into electronic versions of the assessments. Sensitive data, like which meds they were supposed to take, was constantly fudged, or just omitted. Assessments were consistently sent to the wrong primary care provider (a huge privacy breach and HIPAA violation), which brings me to the other part of my job I had:

An entire department was dedicated to writing “attestation forms” for doctors who fudged their own data, and there were thousands. Incorrect credentials, or none at all, miscategorizing documents, the whole nine yards. And we, a team of people with zero experience in the medical field, were expected to find all of these errors, and crank all of this stuff out to attempt to get it right.

TL;DR Doctors and nurses generally don’t give a fuck about their documentation, and the damage control team is in over their head and doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing.”

9. Drinkin’

“Not super secret but a few tidbits about working as a not-for-profit canvasser:

We all drink on the job, a lot of us smoke on the job, but the majority of us do care about the campaign we’re working for (and if we don’t we quit).

If you say “I’m a journalist” we’re not allowed to hassle you. If you say, “I’ll be back,” or “I don’t have time,” we’ll make fun of you behind your back. If you say anything outright confrontational about our campaign, we will happily (legitimately happily; more of the time we’re super bored) talk to you about it and attempt to sway you.”

10. Strip club

“I ran a pretty popular strip club in LA. We got a lot of celebs for our female talent. The catch? A majority of the celebrity customers were women themselves.

Some of the women that came in –

Carmen Electra Yasmine Bleeth Megan Mullally Alicia Silvrstone Marisa Tomei Neve Campbell & Denise Richards (came together, appeared to be a couple) Salma Hayek Chastity Bono”

11. Be nice!

“I am a wedding photographer at a wedding venue. We have over 70 weddings a year. If the bride and/or groom are wretched, I will put the wedding photos on the back burner for last to edit. Usually I can have a wedding out in less than a week. If You’re horrible, you wait 4+ weeks. I will also throw some photos in that do not necessarily make you look the best. Be nice!!”

12. Open House

“Real Estate. ‘Open Houses’ aren’t conducted to sell your house. They are conducted to get more prospects for the agent. Most people who tour your open house won’t like it but it’s a sign they are in the market to buy. Even better that they don’t show up with an agent. In the VERY off chance they like it, they obviously are not represented so the listing agent gets both sides of the commission. In most states this is called being a transactional broker, and as such you bear no fiduciary duty to either party. While we’re on the subject, the solid gold for an agent is a listing. You list it, then sit on it. No work. Just wait for it to sell.”

h/t: Reddit