10 People Share Why They Changed Their Opinion on a Controversial Topic



After the past couple years of extreme divisiveness in the world, it’s hard to believe that an argument (like some of us enjoy having on Facebook, ahem) really has the ability to change someone’s mind on a closely held belief. In fact, I might have believed it was impossible…except for these 10 people who say it happened to them.

1. A straw-less future

“I’ve pretty much stopped using straws

I know it sounds stupid and small, but the plastic pollution stuff is getting to me and I am not a “green” type of person at all… so it’s a big deal to me if for nothing else than personal growth. As time goes on, and pretty much every time I take out the trash, I’m reminded at how utterly wasteful everything is. Baby steps I guess…

Edit: it’s worth mentioning that I mean I’ve stopped using straws in restaurants and such. I don’t use them at home.”

2. Not all bad

“GMOs. I used to feel that they were “unnatural” and therefore bad. After getting a chemistry degree and spending a lot of my personal time studying food science, as well as working on farms and gardening, I think that genetic solutions to farming can be great.

I still think that big farming is rife with horrible practices, and some companies exploit GMOs and patents on GMOs to the detriment of humanity, but I can no longer subscribe to the GMOs=evil point of view.”

3. It’s not a God thing

“Grew up in the rural-conservative midwest. Raised in a family where God was everything. Dated a girl who, along with her family, also continued those sentiments. Religion never really clicked for me but I went along with it because that’s the community and why wouldn’t I? Everybody I cared about was religious, might as well.

That changed when my then-girlfriend’s older brother, members of the church, and her parents organized an intervention for my then-gilfriend. They told her they were worried about my soul because I listened to non-religious music and liked D&D and fantasy movies and blahblahblah. I was only 17 at the time and it felt like my biggest ‘sin’ was liking punk music and R-rated movies and being that I was in such a small community, I felt pretty hurt and personally attacked. So I brought it up to the pastor at the (only) church in town and he sided with the intervention, hand-waving away my concerns.

That pretty much ended my relationship with the church, the girl, and the community. Got out of there, moved to a bigger town, met new people, new friends. Haven’t looked back.”

4. On the important stuff

“I hate Daniel Craig as bond. Brosnan had always been the perfect Bond in my mind, probably because I grew up with him. I refused to watch all movies with Craig until I saw him in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I liked that so much that I gave his Bond movies a chance. Now he’s my favourite by a distance.”

5. Get behind me, Satan

“Toilet paper over or under. I used to be in the DGAF camp until I realized under was Satan’s work. Over all the way now.”

6. Thems fightin’ words

“I used to think it was reasonable to expect men to put the toilet seat up and down as needed. Then somebody on Reddit posted a long and heartfelt comment about the relative effort expended on lifting and lowering and how it would be more fair if men lifted the seat to use it and women put it back down to use it.

I subsequently decided that the best way to keep toilet use fair, aesthetically pleasing, and hygienic (and, of course, unlikely to lead to sleepy women falling into the toilet bowl in the middle of the night) was for everyone close the lidof the toilet after every use. That way, women have to remember to lift and lower something as well, AND the toilet looks nice, AND the dog won’t drink out of it, AND we get extra protection from aerosolized biological waste being flung onto our toothbrushes.*

The result has mostly been that I think everyone who flushes their toilet without closing the lid first is a barbarian, but the guys I date appreciate my even-handedness.”

7. It can happen!

“Used to be extremely anti-vaccination. Now quite in favor. What changed my mind? I had a baby and had to make that decision for someone other than myself. I dove into the research and did a lot of soul searching. It was really just a problem with ignorance on my part. We are all fully vaccinated now.

Edit: wow thanks for my first reddit golds, guys! The real gold is making sure we are part of the solution, though. I’m really grateful we woke up and made a good decision for the health of our child and our community. We still get backlash about it from my anti vax inlaws so your support means a lot!”

8. Don’t tell my husband

“Fishing. I used to an very avid catch and release angler, fished with some of the best, was in a few magazines etc etc. I started to look a bit closer as to what I was doing, how many fish survive after catching and releasing them and came to the conclusion that though it’s fun for me (at the time) it probably wasn’t all that much fun for the fish. My regular group of fishing friends who were a fun and very talented, knowlegable bunch, mostly conservation minded guys just couldn’t understand my change of heart. I now fished only to keep, which they though was wrong but I never over harvested and always kept to the limits allowed or just a couple for supper, freezer, whatever. I’m not sure what changed my mind but I just started feeling bad about how I was hurting another living being for nothing more than essentially bragging rights and my own pleasure.”

9. Man vs. machine

“I used to think programming was dumb and computers were ridiculous for not being more intuitive. Then I spent 11 years working with people and realized they’re worse. Now I’m stressed and can’t remember how to program anymore.”

10. The soapy fog lifted…and a love affair began

“Cilantro. I absolutely could not stand the soap-like flavor for 20+ years. Entire stalks slapped on my Thai entrees, bits in the guacamole, haunted my dreams and damn near ruined Thanksgiving one year. Then one day, like magic, the soapy fog lifted. I have no idea what happened. I absolutely love the stuff now.”

h/t: Reddit