10+ Secrets About Men That Women Probably Don’t Know

Photo Credit: Pexels, Toa Heftiba Şinca


I’m always amazed when my female friends complain to me about how difficult men are to understand. Maybe it’s just because I just live it every day, but I’ve never had a hard time understanding another guy. It wasn’t until I got married that I finally gained perspective on just how different a day in the life of a man is compared to a woman.

It turns out there’s a whole lot about being a guy that women have no idea about – but not anymore, courtesy of these gentlemen of Reddit:

1. Men like our hair however we wear it. There is no need to ask a million times.

2. Keep the compliments coming, ladies!

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3. My heart just burst. Cuddle your man!

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4. Is there any other way?

5. Direct communication.

6. They truly have a mind of their own.

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7. There’s no need to feel like men are hiding something.

8. So sweet!

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9. Man, that sucks!

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/gregn8r1

10. Men are fixers so give a heads up!

11. Patience is key.

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12. We all show our emotions differently.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/ShakaWTWF

There you have it, ladies. Keep it simple, communicate directly, and be concerned for their junk. Easy peasy!