10 Tricks That You Shouldn’t Knock Until You Try Them



Sure, all of these sound totally weird, but some folks over at Brightside tried them all and are here to say – do it with an open mind.

You might be surprised.

#10. Sub soy sauce for caramel on vanilla ice cream

Photo Credit: Brightside

Apparently it tastes the same? You first!

#9. Change your socks

Photo Credit: Brightside

Having a bad day? Change your socks. Transitioning from work to play? Swap out your tights. It feels so good it will give you a whole new outlook on life.

#8. Eat your pizza wet

Photo Credit: Brightside

Seriously. Before you heat it up, put a wet paper towel on top or spritz it with water.

#7. Put vinegar on your fries along with salt

Photo Credit: Instagram

The Brits are definitely onto something.

#6. Add a melted marshmallow and peanut butter to your burger

Photo Credit: Facebook

These are so popular they’re on the menu at some burger joints these days.

#5. Take a sun bath

Photo Credit: Reddit

Turns out cats are onto something – 15-20 minutes in a warm, sunny spot will liven up the rest of your day.

#4. Feeling lazy? Take a shower.

Photo Credit: Brightside

It’s better than coffee when it comes to washing the stress away and giving you a boost of energy.

#3. Rub salt or stainless steel on your hands to get rid of a garlic smell

Photo Credit: Brightside

It works on your breath, too – hold a spoon or fork in your mouth for 30 seconds to diminish an overload of garlic.

#2. Put salted peanuts in your coke

Photo Credit: Reddit

It’s a delicious salty-sweet beverage AND a snack, all in one.

#1. Salt is magic!

Photo Credit: Brightside

Put it on fruit or in hot chocolate to cut the sweetness, and into your coffee to dissolve some of that unpleasant (to some) bitterness.

h/t: Brightside