10+ Tweets That Perfectly Describe Why Adulting Is the Worst

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When I was a kid, I thought being an adult was gonna be all late bedtimes and ice cream for breakfast (or literally whenever I wanted).

Then you grow up and realize being an adult actually kind of sucks. The bills, the constant exhaustion, always wondering what you’re gonna have for dinner. Actually, it doesn’t kind of suck. It sucks HARD.

Seriously, it’s the worst, and here are 12 tweets that sum up why:

1. Also: turned my head, stood up too quickly…

2. Just thinking about it makes me tired

3. Why not both?

4. Or earlier, if possible

5. More like 7 to 14 years

6. Never answer the phone

7. It’s not just you

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8. “Perks”

9. Ugh, inflation

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. My aching back

11. Every night

12. Sorry!

Can we please just go to bed yet?!