10+ Weird and Amazing Places You’ve Probably Never Heard About



The world is a big, beautiful place. So if you’re bored with your block, then why not get out and check out some of these interesting places?

1. Singer House, aka House of Books, St. Petersburg

Originally built in 1904, the Russian headquarters of Singer Sewing Machine Company should have been a skyscraper like its New York City sister. But building codes dictated no building be taller than the Winter Palace. So, architect Pavel Suzor designed the stunning Singer House in the art nouveau style instead. It is now a book store.

2. Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, was built into the rocks and opened in 1956.

Photo Credit: Matthew P. Del Buono [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

3. The Kansas City Public Library Parking Garage

Photo Credit: Flickr

4. Capilla de la Virgen del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo, Puebla de los Ángeles, México

Constructed between 1650-1690, the Rosary Chapel was the first Mexican chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Photo Credit: Flickr

5.  Chene Chapelle, or Oak Chapel, is a hollow tree that was turned into two sanctuaries for worship in 1669 and is still in use today.

King Louis XIV was in power.

Photo Credit: Ji-Elle [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

6. The Sumela Monastery in Turkey is built into the cliffside.

Photo Credit: Babbsack from Wikimedia Commons

7. Pierpont Morgan Library and Museum, New York City

This National Historic Landmark in New York City was started with the donation of JP Morgan’s personal library.

Photo Credit: Mike Peel, Wikimedia Creative Commons

8. Ruins of Persepolis, Iran

Dates back to 515 BC. The 111 steps to the terrace of the Gate of All Nations (pictured below) were built with low risers so that visitors would look regal as they ascended.

9. The Haines Shoe House is a 2BR in Pennsylvania that started as a publicity stunt but remains open to this day for tours.

Photo Credit: By CrazyLegsKC – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

10. “Crooked House” in Sopot, Poland

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Bran Castle, Transylvania, linked to the sadistic Vlad the Impaler, inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

12. House carved in stone by 15th century Romanian Monk

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We are a world filled with creativity, art and humor. Inspiration is all around, if you look!