11 People Share the Really Weird Things They Do


People are strange…

It turns out there are strange habits that many people have, and even though we don’t understand why, we’re compelled to continue the behavior.

Maybe it’s evolution, maybe it’s psychology, or maybe (most likely) it’s something we’ll never understand about the human brain – but whatever the reason, these 11 weird impulses will make you raise your eyebrows…or nod in solidarity.

11. Makes perfect sense!

10. We’re competitive by nature.

9. Because…you’re still not sure. Ha!

8. Stage fright!

7. This has to be some kind of evolutionary thing.

6. Because if you never see them they can’t kill you.

5. Same, but because I’m afraid someone died.

4. Okay but that’s just rude.

3. Never let your guard down.

2. Intermittent existential crises are normal.

1. You can be excited or depressed. Pick.

Good luck reining yourselves in out there, people!