11 People Who Have No Clue How Female Anatomy Works

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Funny thing about the internet: it allows you to become famous not only for being great but also for being truly, epically, horrifically bad.

Take these bozos for example: their claim to infamy is having NO CLUE how the female body works. I mean, seriously, did they never take biology?

1. (Oris) it?

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2. Oh shut up and go to bed, Philip!

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3. She’s not wrong… but he definitely is.

4. This is actually true. People were scared AF of trains.

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5. Not even with the tiniest “probe”

6. Pro tip. You should def try it sometime.

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7. That escalated at lightning speed!

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8. Imagine having to sit next to anybody who actually believes this?

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9. But testosterone is cool, right bro?

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10. I wonder how much cow pee this guy has consumed…

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11. #toodumbforlife

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Faith in humanity NOT restored.