12 Animal Employees Who Are Doing a Great Job


From little uniforms to adorable selfies, this list has everything you could want when it comes to animals in the workforce. These furry friends are doing such a great job, we think they deserve a promotion.

1. Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia!

Photo Credit: Reddit: zacharoid

2. So happy to be at work.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @tsa

3. She even follows safety protocol.

4. This doggo worked so hard, he received a Christmas bonus.

Photo Credit: Reddit: deltagibbs

5. This cat is the perfect phone holder and he can sleep on the job.

Photo Credit: Reddit: prettymm

6. She’s checking to make sure no one cheats.

7. This security guard knows it’s important to cut loose every once in a while.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @tsa

8. “Hello, I am your substitute teacher today.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Bleeedorange

9. This eager new worker.

10. Every lab could use a “lab.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: pixels625

11. “Need a recommendation?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Pooleroops1

12. Best hotel greeter ever.

Photo Credit: Reddit: saadaude