12 Brilliant Ideas Every Restaurant Needs Immediately

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My wife and I love going out to eat, but not all restaurants are created equally. When it comes to taking a good dining experience and turning it into a truly memorable one, it’s all about the little extras. Taking the time to think of inconveniences the client didn’t even know they had, and then solving them.

If you’re a restaurant owner, take note of these 12 ideas.

1. A very orderly way to dispose of your gum.

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2. Calculator right with your bill? Yep!

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3. Don’t want to chance the spice? Know what others order!

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4. Your phone will NEVER get wet. Also, #dickbutt.  ????

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5. This could literally save lives. Why isn’t this in more places?!

6. Hexagonal crayons so they stay on the table. Because children.

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7. Get EXACTLY the kind of brownie you want. Because you’re worth it.

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8. A place for your valuable that isn’t on the floor? LOVE!

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9. So you don’t have to watch when the waiter is looking your way.

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10. Because you don’t want to smell like medicated bubble gum while you’re eating.

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11. What holds the fry holder? The table of course!

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12. Yeah, the ketchup is ALWAYS ready. Genius!

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And together, we shall change the world. One restaurant at a time.