12+ Clever Ways Millennials Can Tell People How Old They Are


For as often as we use the term “millennial,” I’d be surprised if everyone knew what it actually meant. Are millennials kids? Teenagers? Are they hellbent on destroying everything we hold dear? None of those things are true, actually. In reality, millennials are people in their 20s-30s who grew up when the internet and technology were still in their infancy.

So, how do you explain that to those around you? Instead of telling people your actual age, just give them an example of some outdated technology you used in your lifetime. Check out some examples below and see if any of them apply to you!

1. “Get Off The Internet Because Someone Needs To Make A Call” years old:

2. “All My Music Fits In A Binder” years old:

Photo Credit: Amazon

3. “Got Pictures Developed And They All Came Back Like This” years old:

Photo Credit: PhotoBucket

4. “Printed Out Directions” years old:

Photo Credit: Twitter: @AshLIGHTnin

5. “Read The Shampoo Bottle On The Toilet” years old:

Photo Credit: Reddit: penn451

6. “Looked Up Movie Times In The Newspaper” years old:

7. “Video Games Only Worked On Channel 3” years old:

8. “Recorded Songs Off The Radio For My Ringtone” years old:

9. “Orange VHS” years old:

Photo Credit: Twitter: @okmute

10. “Looked Through The Eyehole Of A Camera” years old:

Photo Credit: PhotoBucket

11. “Carried Both A Phone And An iPod” years old:

Photo Credit: PhotoBucket

12. “Had To Physically Roll Up The Windows Like a Caveman” years old:

13. “Couldn’t Afford To Use The Internet On My Phone” years old:

Photo Credit:

14. “Titanic Was On Two Separate VHS Tapes” years old:

Photo Credit: Twitter: @BossyLossy

15. “Phone Battery Lasted All Day” years old:

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TrxllStar

Boy…do I feel old!