12 People Admit Their Worst Habit That They Can’t Seem to Break



We all have bad habits. Traits that we’re aware are less than desirable. And sometimes, even with all the awareness in the world, we just can’t seem to change it.

These 12 people are brave enough to share theirs on the internet. Props.

12. Really need a maid

“I’m really lazy. I mean, I can function – get to work, get dressed, feed myself and my kids. However, most of the time I’d prefer to park myself in front of a tv and do nothing at all. I “clean” my house, meaning I pick up everything, but it hasn’t had a good cleaning when chemicals, etc in awhile – or a dusting. So lazy. Really need a maid because I know after this long, counting on me to magically get the ambition to do it regularly is never going to happen.”

11. Socially awkward

“Not waiting for people to finish their sentences and finishing it in my head

Long winded story telling because I can’t dissect the essentials

Not being able to push myself hard in physical exercise and rather coast through with enough effort but not enough to grow a lot

Dumping sad stories on friends and being an overall narcissist

Inability to accept compliments because they contradict my negative self talk.”

10. Rampant oversharing

“I over share what’s going on in my life. I have no idea why, but it just spills out of me. I try to stop, but I only realize I’m doing it after talking to people.”

9. Introverts unite!

“I enjoy my “me” time a little too much. My social skills are fine but it’s getting harder and harder to leave the house.”

8. It can wait

“I’m a full time procrastinator.”

7. Only negative opinions

“I have a hard time trusting people, or believing that people actually enjoy having me around. I always assume people have a negative opinion of me. It sucks, but I’m trying really hard to break it.”

6. Escape from reality

“Getting caught up in daydreaming/fantasies. My god they’re addictive (and really just an escape from reality) and it’s so hard to get out of it.”

5. Not so funny

“I joke around too much. It’s my way of coping with stress, anxiety, and other emotions and while it can be enjoyable at times, I know it can be frustrating for others too.”

4. Paralyzed

“I get paralyzed when I have important life changing things to do. I always wait until it is too late to do them becAuse the fear of confronting them is paralyzing to me”

3. Not stuck-up

“Social anxiety, but it comes off as me being stuck up to everyone else.”

2. Sorry not sorry

“I apologize for everything (even when it’s not my fault) to the point where I need to apologize because I’ve over apologized and annoyed people in the process.

I also procrastinate a hell of a lot.”

1. My face gets tired

“Resting bitch face. I can try to hold a different expression, but my face gets tired.

I swear I’m not an asshole. Anyone can approach/talk to me. :(“

h/t: Reddit