12+ People Confess to the Nerdiest Thing They’ve Done in Public



Nerds are taking over the world (or is it geeks?). Either way, they’re all out of the closet and milling around with the rest of us. That said, these 15 people have seriously stepped up their game in public!

#15. A weird wizard.

“I have a walking stick with holes drilled in it so I can launch bottle rockets out of it. It looks like a wizard casting spells. So, naturally, I spent 4th of July with it ahouting “FIREBOLT!”

#14. Your neighbors love you.

“My wifi password is an encryption based on the riddle at the entrance to the mines of moria.”

#13. What I enjoy.

“I play magic the gathering and while I don’t talk about it with non-players, if someone asks, i just tell them it’s one of my favorite hobbies without shame. Fuck what anyone else thinks, it’s what i enjoy doing in some of my free time.”

#12. Low key.

“Watching speedruns / twitch at lunch on my main monitor. It’s low key, but some people really can’t grasp the concept of either of these.”

#11. Space dresses.

“Astronomer here! Definitely my collection of space dresses. Here is one I have showed off on Reddit in the past with the Hubble Deep Field on it!”

#10. Weird looks.

“I play D&D in a bar occasionally. Just a regular, straight-up bar, rather than a gaming café or such.

They serve good food, they have beer, they have big tables and they don’t mind us being there. Occasionally you get some weird looks from other patrons when they overhear snippets of your conversations, but mostly people don’t care. They’re there to get their drink on, and we’re there to roll some dice.”

#9. Random.

“Being able to know what train is passing based on sound and time.”

#8. Angry phone calls.

“I’m a morning show sidekick for a small town radio station. The morning guy is a pretty big nerd, too. Whenever what should be a 2-minute mention of the new superhero film turns into a 20-minute debate about fan theories we’ve heard, I fear we’re turning off our listeners. Actually gotten a couple angry phone calls about it.”

#7. I maintain it’s cool.

“I’ve got a t-shirt with pictures of the four main synthesiser sound waves on it (sine, square, triangle, saw). I maintain it’s cool, but the third person i had to explain it to said “Nerddd!”. So that, i guess. I’ve also got one with a Roland TB303 on it. That’s also cool.”

#6. SHINY!

“I still play Pokemon Go and yesterday was Community Day – a bunch of people walking around in circles in a park and sometimes yelling out, “SHINY!”

That’s us being big nerds out in public.”

#5. Old people never understand.

“I used to play Yugioh at fast food chain store a couple years back. Weird looks from old people mostly were common but in their eyes it was 10 people in their 20s to talking about dragons and stuff. At least the random kids had fun trying to play with our cards.”

#4. Welcome.

“My doormat is a map of The Shire.”

#3. On my wall.

“I have three prints of Ocarina of Time on my wall.

Kokiri Forest, Death Mountain and Zora’s Domain.”

#2. His name is Willard.

“I have a StarCraft overlord plushy my mom made me. His name is Willard. He keeps the supply of my apartment under control.

Edit: Photos hath been requested.
Me and Willard XMAS 2013
Willard Swag
Willard just now

Edit 2:. She used a sewing pattern that I found on r/StarCraft. Spawn an overlord if you dare!”

#1. A family thing.

“Defintely my families license plates. I have Jedi1 and parents have 2Sith. And my car has a bumber sticker that reads “My cultist sacrificed your honor student at Miskatonic Middle School”.

My Cthulhu for prez “Why vote for the lesser evil” sticker unfortunately wore off.”