12 People Dish About What Talent Becomes Weird When You’re Too Good at It



If you’re here for a laugh, good news – this Ask Reddit thread has it coming to you in spades. Bonus: some of these will really make you think!

12. Steady observance

“being able to identify someone by the sound of their footsteps. it freaks people out when i do it”

11. Helpful or illegal


10. Think about it

“Walking quietly.”

9. Don’t be that guy

“A few people have already said video games, but Guitar Hero specifically gets pretty weird when people get too good… then you’re that guy… nobody actually wants to be that guy.”

8. Hacker or good friend?

“This one hits a bit to close to home but

Recovering files from people’s PC’s that they forgot the password on or

For extra points changing their password and fully reviving their setup.”

7. Guess low

“Guessing people’s birthdays or other personal information.”

6. Speaking from experience

“Beer pong. Win a few games and you’re the cool guy at the party, run the table for over an hour and routinely shut out the opposing teams? You’re a “fucking loser” that has “no life.”

5. Ping-Pong

“Apparently Table Tennis. I own two paddles (an $80 one that I use frequently and a $120 one that I use sparingly) and people give me the strangest looks when I start cleaning my paddle before a set.

One time I ran into a Chinese foreign exchange student who was coaching in the bar where I played and we played 2 full sets. He won both sets one of them 3-1 and the other 3-2, but every game was incredibly close and a lot of them ended up in deuces since we were playing win by 2. We had drawn a crowd by the end of it. I bought him a drink afterwards and he told me that he hadn’t played that competitively since he left China 2 years ago.”

4. Let it out

“Emotional management. There’s a threshold above which we very much don’t expect people to be able to manage their emotions.

Able to manage your anxiety about work? Great

Able to remain calm in extremely stressful situations? Excellent

Able to continue on normally with your day and week when a family member dies? Weird.”

3. That makes me uncomfortable


Gets too close to lying and makes people extremely uncomfortable and mistrusting.”

2. A hit at parties

“Juggling. If you can do 3-4 balls, that’s pretty impressive. If you’re the dude with 20 bowling pins, a chainsaw, and a small dog then you’ve made a conscious choice that this is what you were going to do with your life.”

1. Some things should be forgotten

“Remembering things. If you remember something I told you a week ago, fine, but if I told you my brother’s cat’s favorite brand of cat food 10 years ago and you bring it up today, Ill be both impressed and scared, cause you probably know more about me than I do.”