12 People Dish on What Social Norms People Just Flat-Out Refuse to Follow



There are unspoken rules that people are just supposed to follow, and when they don’t, well…sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to handle it. So read through this list and make sure you’re not one of the guilty!

#12. Step to the side.

“If you are on a crowded sidewalk/grocery aisle/hallway and realize you need to pause — step over to the side so people can get by while you sort your shit out.”

#11. Buy that thing.

“If you need to borrow something once a week, you just need to buy that thing for yourself.

Space heaters are like $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond, BECCA.”

#10. It’s right there.

“Clean up after yourself in the break room at work. Seriously people, the garbage can is RIGHT THERE.”

#9. Wait your turn.

“People trying to shove themselves into the train, bus, elevator, etc. instead of letting others out first.”

#8. Wrong time and place

“Don’t talk when you’re watching a movie in the theatre. Seriously, it’s getting bad where I live; I’m ready to stop going because people seem to think it’s a good place for an in-depth chat.”

#7. It’s his ketchup now.

“Customer just licked the top of the ketchup bottle. Who does that at a restaurant?! I told him it was his ketchup now.”

#6. When you’re done…

“When you’re done in the bathroom, flush the toilet!”

#5. Carry your waste.

“If there’s not a trash can nearby CARRY YOUR WASTE WITH YOU UNTIL YOU FIND ONE.”

#4. In a timely manner.

“If you owe someone it a timely manner. At least let the other person know that you don’t have it right now.”

#3. Walk in pairs.

“If you’re walking in a group of more than 3, walk in pairs, not 5 people across.”

#2. Not in public.

“There are places to watch a video or listen to music on your phone without headphones – in public amongst other people is not one of those places.”

#1. Don’t drag me down.

“When you can turn right on red in your car, but some fuckwit in a truck, van, or SUV in the left-only lane pulls up WAY past the white line and blocks your view. Bitch, you can’t even turn until the light does, don’t drag me down with you…”