12+ People Dish on What Temptation Is Totally Not Worth Giving in To



There are a million little things that tempt us every day, and some are easier to resist than others. Case and point, I just ate FIVE homemade chocolate chip cookies in lieu of lunch.

It was totally worth it.

These 15 things may not be, though, so take heed!

#15. Forever wiped out.

“Taking advantage of someone close to you, it could be financially, emotionally (underrated), sexually or any variety. That moment of “gain” can be forever wiped out by the opportunity to have a friend or a family member there for you in a bigger moment of need.”

#14. Are you sure?

“Eating an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting.”

#13. That might change.

“The concept of a “hall pass” when married.

Had a buddy who found that one out the hard way. Your SO might say they are fine with it, but that might change in a damn hurry.”

#12. No changing opinions.

“Arguing politics on reddit. Nobody goes online to have their opinions changed. It doesn’t matter how carefully prepared and eloquent your argument is.”

#11. Worth so much more.

“Avoiding holidays and trips and expensive treats simply because you’re scared of parting with your money.

Saving your money is awesome. Good on you for doing that. But it is SO IMPORTANT to spend a little of that money on yourself. Go away on a road trip. Pay to have your parents fly down to visit for Christmas. Buy yourself some fancy whiskey and drink it whenever you feel like it. Don’t hide it away at parties, hoping for a ‘more special’ occasion to pop up one day. Don’t be afraid to spend that money on yourself sometimes.

Experiences are worth so much more than what you pay for them.

My partner is obsessed with buying a house before we’re too old to pay off a mortgage (his dad lives in self-caused poverty). I am obsessed with travelling and experiencing life before we’re too old to enjoy the more extreme stuff (my parents never did anything or went anywhere). We both know what the shit ends of the spectrum look like, so we’ve met halfway and we are saving so we can do both. We go on roadtrips every year for our anniversary, and we put money aside in our savings for a house too. You gotta find that happy medium.”

#10. On marriage.

“The “told you so” on your spouse. Like 99.9% of the time it’s not worth it. If you have to do it, do it with a look only, trust me on this.”

#9. Full stop.

“Brake testing someone who’s up your ass when you’re going 85 on the motorway.”

#8. Outweighs the rest.

“The feeling of reconnecting with your ex. Those sweet and happy memories.. but s/he is not worth of your time anymore. All those damage and pain s/he brought to you in the past outweighs the rest.”

#7. It catches up to me.

“An unhealthy lifestyle. Sure it might be easy to eat like shit and not exercise regularly, but it catches up to you really fast. It’s also hard to change your lifestyle after you get stuck in that rut.”

#6. Your own problems.

“Blaming other people for your own problems.”

#5. You might not recover.

“When you’re trying to change your lifestyle (changing your diet or activities) and you decide to ‘treat yourself’ to a taste of what you used to do, just to see if it’s still tempting.

It is. And you might not recover from a slip up like that. There’s a good chance that it’ll cement your decision and you’ll grow from it, but there’s also a greater chance that you’ll recede from the progress you’ve made.”

#4. Long story short.

“Calling your boss all the names you fantasize about. It can be so so tempting, but even if it is your last day on the job and you are never going to see them again, they can still impact your career years or even decades down the line. Knew a guy who told his mechanic boss to suck himself sideways on the last day. Well, turns out new boss was old boss’s friend. Didn’t even get to start his first day before he was fired.

Long story short, don’t mess with people who can end your career.”

#3. Last call.

“That “last call” drink. I’ve never woken up from a night out drinking and thought, “wow! I’m so glad I had that tequila shot right before bed!”

#2. Just don’t.

“Scratching at a healing tattoo.”

#1. They thought it was so cool.

“I think for most people it’s smoking. Lots of my friends got into it because they thought it was so cool when they were teenagers.”