12+ People Reveal the Biggest Lies They Tell Themselves


It’s important to be honest with ourselves, but sometimes you need to tell yourself a little white lie to help get you through the day.

Even though we know it’s not true, we do it anyway. Just like these AskReddit users.

1. Hopefully?

“That tomorrow will be better.”

2. Very common

“Adding more responsibility will fix a marriage/relationship. Things suck? Have a baby

Still sucks? Buy a house together

Still sucks? Time for another baby.

Sometimes entrenching your lives closer together doesn’t work. Sometimes you have to step away.”

3. Hmmmm, I don’t think so

“I’ll wake up early and finish it in the morning.”

4. Time to admit it

” “I’m not an alcoholic.”

Yeah, sure, everybody keeps vodka in the washing machine, Mom.”

5. I know a lot of these people

“I’m a good driver, it’s everyone else who is terrible.”

6. Overeating

“I’m only going to get the 6 chicken nuggets meal at McDonald’s and not the 10.”

7. A classic

“I don’t need to write this down, I’ll remember it.”

8. Interesting…

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

9. Myth

“You’re only as healthy as you feel.”

10. Not always

” “There will always be a second chance.”

Sometimes, there isn’t.”

11. Up all night

“I’ll go to sleep in 15 minutes.”

12. I believe her

“Kids have the worst lies. My niece made a bowl of ice cream for herself when she wasn’t allowed to. When confronted she said the cat made the bowl and ate it, not her.”

13. No!

“Codpieces are out of fashion.”

14. We all do this

“I’m going to afford it some day.”

15. Amen

“Being in a relationship will complete me and fix my life.”

No, it won’t. Get your life together, improve yourself.”