12 People Reveal the Strangest Paranormal Experience They’ve Ever Had



Some people believe in ghosts. Others claim they couldn’t possibly exist. And some don’t really seem to know what to think.

No matter where you fall on the scale of skepticism, there’s no doubt these 12 people’s stories will give you something to think about while you’re trying to fall asleep tonight.

#12. Close encounters

“My husband, parents and I were camping in the Missouri Ozarks. It was fall, around 10:30 at night and we were sitting around the campfire. A white ball of light ~ basketball sized ~ appeared suddenly in the distance off to our right. It traveled extremely fast along the ground through the trees and stopped in my husbands lap. It moved across him, me, my mom and dad over about 10 seconds before it sped off to our left over the horizon and was gone. There was no sound, no airplane noise, or cars around. We were by ourselves on about 200 acres of forest. My dad walked a ways in the direction it went but said he couldn’t see anything. Years later, I’m still scratching my head over what it was.”

#11. Still can’t explain it

“I may as well comment but unsure whether it’s paranormal.

Was about 13 years old, common for my mom to leave and spend the night at her friends house after a night out (split parents) and this was one of those night. She left, locked doors, put sister to bed (she was about 8-9) and proceeded to stay up until I fell asleep around 11 or 12.

Woke up to banging coming from the shed outside. From my bedroom window I can see out the back and peeked through the blinds. I assumed the sound was my golden retriever digging by the shed or something, but I peeked out and could see the dog standing still, staring towards the shed. Now this made me scared because I couldn’t see the shed from my window. I texted Mum to see if she had come home to no reply. Eventually I muster up the courage to get out of bed and look out the living room window at the shed (which had stopped banging). I was less nervous now because I assumed it was a possum that had got stuck in the shed through the window but had since got out. The weird part is when I ventured to the front of the house, where the front door was wide open along with the front windows and living room light was on. I know for a fact I had turned the lights off and locked the door. I then proceed to grab a knife and check on my sister while turning every light on in the house while searching for an intruder. Was scared shitless.

Can’t explain to this day.”

#10. Help from grandma

“My grandmother died when I was in Kindergarten but when I was little I remembered she would put wet washcloths on my cousins foreheads when they were teenagers and wouldn’t get out of bed. We used to all get a laugh out of it. One time in college I had an exam at 7:00 am and I am notorious for sleeping late on accident. Anyway the morning of my exam my alarm didn’t go off but I feel a really cold wet feeling on my forehead, like a wash cloth. It immediately woke me up and I saw my grandmother standing over me telling me I needed to get up and out of bed. I looked at my alarm and it was *6:45. I still made it to the exam.”

#9. Family visits

“I was 4 or 5 and had a dream about this guy with a hole in his throat in my bedroom. He told me not to be scared and I told him I wasn’t. He said he just wanted to ask questions about the family, how everyone was doing and I told him, then I woke up.

I told my grandmother about the dream and she turned white. Got out a photo album. I saw his picture and went “That’s him! But why did he have a hole in his throat?”

It was my great grandfather who died two years before I was born. He had had a tracheotomy due to throat cancer.”

#8. Sliding doors

“I was home alone. Around the age of 16 and I had a dog. She is super super calm and only barked when something scared her. She was upstairs barking like crazy. Naturally I got scared. So I got out of the washroom, left the light on and the door open, walked up stairs to my dog and saw she was barking at nothing. Still a little spooked I grabbed a metal base ball bat that I had in my room. After grabbing it I go back to my dog and she just stares at me. Very intensely and quickly she looks at the stairs. When she does that I hear very loud footsteps from the floor below. I slowly and quietly make my way down the stairs but I pause about half way down. While walking I immediately noticed the bathroom door, that I left open, was closed.

The light was also off. Because of the style of door knob, I could also tell that the door was locked. This door also could be unlocked of a key incase of emergency (elderly grandparents used to live with us). I grabbed the key and unlocked the door. Nobody. Not a surprise though. Almost immediately after opening the door I hear very loud and aggressive footsteps now coming from upstairs. I decide to go back upstairs to the room my dog was in (my sisters room) and check on her. When I get back up there I decide its probably the best time to nope the fuck out of there. But I didn’t. The room that my dog is in has the lights on door closed and door locked. Good thing I know how to pick locks because we lost the key to that room years ago. So yea there was no one in there but fuck some ghost fucking locked some doors in my house.”

#7. Sleeping issues

“As a kid I always had trouble sleeping. Even in kindergarten I would never nap during the day, and the teachers would separate me from the other kids during nap time, as I kept them awake.

Even in the middle of the night, I would wake up, and I just couldn’t go back to sleep, no matter how hard I tried. As I started to grow older, I just accepted it, so I just would end up watching TV until the rest of the house woke up.

Around 1st or 2nd grade, I remember I woke up one night and my mom was just sitting on the floor beside my bed, resting her back on my nightstand. I remember asking her why she was there, and she told me that she was keeping an eye on me cause I was sick, and then told me to go back to sleep. So I went back to sleep.

This went on for about a week, until one day I decided to question her about it. She said that she had no idea about what I was talking about, and that she never stood by my bed all this time.

That night, I woke up again, sure enough, my “mom” was there comforting me and telling me to go back to sleep. I told her that she wasn’t real, but she kept insisting that she was. So I just tried to touch her, and that’s when she disappeared.

She started to appear less and less, and she would go away when I tried to touch her. After a while, it got to a point that when I woke up in the middle of the night, I would just swat the air near my nightstand and then go back to sleep without even opening my eyes. And then “she” went away and never appeared again.

I think about it often and I have no explanation for this. It definitely sounds like something that would happen to a schizophrenic, but I am a fully functioning adult, with no mental health issues with a steady income, and currently working on getting my masters degree.

I have not gotten any sort of hallucinations ever since this incident, but I still have trouble sleeping. I never sleep during the day, as it disorients me, and when it becomes nighttime, I basically don’t lay down until I am so tired that I just pass out as soon as my head touches the pillow.”

 #6. Hard to keep the help

“Geez, where to start…

I lived in a three bedroom apartment with some roommates while I was stationed in Gaeta, Italy (Navy). There was a poltergeist that haunted all three floors that we named “Calvin”. Calvin liked to take things only to return them later, rattle dishes, throw people off of the couch, etc. One day I came home after standing the 4 AM to 8 AM watch and I was really tired. Calvin had been quiet for a while, but that day decided to start rattling plates in the kitchen just as I was starting to doze off. I just ignored him and tried to go to sleep and would have if he hadn’t walked across the bed -I could feel the mattress indent as he moved.

One day a friend was over at the apartment cleaning it while we were out to sea. She was washing the windows and had left the living room to get some clean water. When she came back it looked like someone had breathed on the glass to fog it over and the word “Calvin” was written on the fog. Needless to say she didn’t come back to the apartment.”

#5. Let me in

“My parents lived in a old house to awaken to a knocking on the window, when my dad pulled the curtain aside there was a thing. He was asking my dad to let him inside. He describes the thing as a human form but no facial features.

To top it off they had a friend staying with them later, the same thing was knocking and scratching on his window pleading to be let in.

Needless to say he wasnt let in. They left soon after that.”

#4. Scary Santa

“I was once at my grandmother’s for Christmas when I was about 11 or so. It was Christmas eve and I was sharing a room with my father, him being fast asleep and snoring on the bed opposite me. Throughout that age I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, I was always a massive insomniac, and with my dad snoring away was basically just being kept wide awake.

At some point, long after everyone in the house had fallen asleep, while I was still wide awake, I was jolted into the most intense state of fear I think I have ever experienced.

From the three foot space behind me that separated my bed from the door, I shit you not, the most intensely gravelly and hoarse voice I’ve ever heard fucking announced to the room; “I’m Santa.”

It scraped through me and I just fucking froze. There was no transition between the before, during or after it spoke, as there would be from “waking up”, so I am still convinced that I had not somehow fallen asleep. I literally just lay there in complete terror, facing my dad as he continued to snore and refusing to turn around. I lay like that for ages, sweating buckets upon buckets into my bed sheets, and I guess eventually passed out. Woke up Christmas morning afraid and terrified, with a very clear memory of it all.”

#3. It even scared the dog

“A voice spooked the fuck out of me when I was 17.

Backstory, I was in what Americans would call high-school I guess (Finland, different system) in another town. I’d come home to my parents for the summers.

So, being 17 and having older friends, they were usually out at bars with my older brother so I couldn’t really join. But it was all good, my brother had a killer pc at the time and I just loved Borderlands. So, I spent the nights playing that, accompanied only by my dog who would sleep calmly on my bed behind me.

So, headset on, I was playing NG+ and was ready to go to Sledge as I feel a breath in my neck and hear a very audible whisper saying “What do you want?”

I freeze, afraid to turn. I gather my courage and take the headphones off and turn sharply ready to react to anyone who might be behind me.

But all I see is my dog, shivering and trembling, looking scared af with his tail between his legs. No bark, nothing, which was odd since he is a Jack Russell.

Still don’t know what it was. But it did fuck me up for a while.”

#2. Every theatre has its ghosts

“I work in this old ass theatre that was built as a vaudeville house in about 1900. I don’t even believe in ghosts but this damn place is haunted. Every theatre has its ghost, I know; I think they come free with the rigging setup. But those are out of tradition, and something to blame for whatever you misplaced. This place is different tho. Some parts were built on later, and those parts aren’t as bad. Nothing weird goes on in the scene shop or the offices. But the equipment stored under the stage moves, you always feel watched in the lighting booth, and once the fucker turned the light off on me when I was minding my own business in the bathroom of an original dressing room. I watched the switch flip. That little shit.

Edit: yes, I still don’t really believe in ghosts. But that almost did it.”

#1. This old house

“My house is old and constantly has weird things happen in it. One night my ex and I were fast asleep when someone or something banged on our bedroom door. I know it really happened because we both woke up. I quickly grabbed my gun out of my nightstand and flung the door open within like 5 seconds of this happening and no one was there. I ran throughout the entire house with my chest pounding fully expecting to find an intruder. All I found was my dogs asleep on the kitchen floor. They bark at everything and are very good guard dogs meaning that they heard nothing. I still cannot explain how this happened.”