12+ People Reveal What Movie They Think Is Totally Overrated



Sometimes, all of your friends (and seemingly everyone in the world) thinks a movie is great, but you just can’t figure it out. Well, that’s exactly what these 15 people are dishing on today.

#15. Two hours I’ll never get back.

“Open Water. Everyone says it’s incredibly terrifying. I say I was incredibly bored, and that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.”

#14. Barely a story.


My teacher and classmates got mad when I said it was trash. It barely even qualifies as a fucking story.”

#13. You and Elaine Benes.

“The English Patient – I HATE IT!”

#12. All of them.

“Fast and Furious. All of them.”

#11. Pretty generic.

“Frozen. I didn’t think it was a bad movie by any means, but I thought it was weird how so many people said it was Disney’s best movie. I found it pretty generic.”

#10. Extremely.

“Extremely Overrated?

The Last Airbender (2010) has 6% on RottenTomatoes.

That is extremely overrated.”

#9. Why bother?

“Lol Jurassic World. Okay popcorn flick, but it was poorly written. Why bother? Just make up your own dinosaur movie.”

#8. Watch Lion King.

“People saying that Frozen is Disney’s best movie need to fuck right off and watch Lion King.”

#7. Spoiled and insufferable.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I know everyone loves Audrey Hepburn and I do too but in this movie she just played a spoiled and insufferable twat for 2 hours.”

#6. Blah blah.

“One Night in Paris made Hilton an overnight sensation but the lighting was poor, acting was robotic, and the film basically had no final shot.”

#5. Rather drab.

“American Hustle. Does anyone even remember this movie now? It won so many awards but was rather drab.”

#4. Everything is mediocre.


That melodramatic after school special actually f*cking won best picture. BEST PICTURE. I couldn’t f*cking believe it when I saw it. Everything about that movie is mediocre.”

#3. Done to death.

“Generally anything that starts with:

The Fast and Furious



These things have been done to death.”

#2. Boring and cliched.


Fuck that boring, cliched pile of shit.”

#1. Nitpick.

“Wonder Woman. I get the social importance of it, but the movie itself really goes off the rails towards the end. It’s 2/3rds a good super hero movie (which are highly overrated relatively speaking already). It was also setup to make a nice statement on the nature of the evils of humanity, but just kind of lost it somewhere.

Also what the fuck was up with hiding her sword behind her back in a backless dress? Sure no one in front sees it but she literally walks through a crowd of people looking in every direction. It’s blatantly visible to anyone not looking head on.”