12 People Share the Terrible Moment They Realized Their Parents Were Right



No one likes to admit when they’re wrong. Even worse? When you have to admit you were wrong and your parents were right.

Now, most of us got over this particular uncomfortable moment when we hit that magical age somewhere in our twenties and realized our parents were more right than wrong, but for these twelve people, it came as a rather rude awakening.

#12. And also bad for you

“Don’t start smoking, it’s addicting and expensive”

Oh I wish I listened to them”

#11. Listening could have saved years of your life

“When they warned me how easy it is to stay in a comfortable situation rather than the right one.

Wasted a lot of time because I was cozy with the routine, then I looked up and realize I had spent 3 years being comfortable.”

#10. Of course she enjoyed it

“A little while after I had finally got my ex out of my life for good. They had been against our relationship from day one. My mum enjoyed that conversation.”

#9. Solid advice

“You really shouldn’t spend money if it’s not in your bank account (credit cards).”

#8. Truer words…

“As a kid, I was always fascinated – obsessed, even – with being an adult. Being college educated, living on my own, making my own money, etc.

My parents always told me, “Don’t wish your life away. Adult life isn’t as easy and fun as it looks!”

I’ve since learned that is a severe understatement.”

#7. Mother knows best

“This isn’t that exciting but when I was 17 I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school. I was a little shit back then. My mom tried to convince me to take the paralegal program at a community college and I was like hell no. Welp, 8 years later I ended up in the paralegal degree program and loved it. Idk how she knew I’d like it so much. Especially back then.”

#6. Genetics are no joke

“That addiction and alcoholism runs in the family. I thought that because I’d seen what it did to them (and other family members), I’d be able to outsmart the addiction…Luckily, I was able to recognize the signs early on and get help, and nothing really got out of control, but I realize I’ve still got it. If you gave me a drink, I’d just not stop.”

#5. Ouch

“ you keep trying do do wheelies on your dirt bike your going to break a leg”

#4. Short but sweet. Like your breath.

“Take care of your teeth.”

#3. Tried and true

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

#2. Stealing this

“‘Look the part then learn your lines’.

In other words, focus on appearances initially because people judge you on first impressions. If you’ve nailed the body language, tone, eye contact and dress; you can figure out what you’re doing after the fact.”

#1. Lesson learned

“i grew up in quite a rough neighbourhood between the ages of 4-11, kinda place that drug deals went down, used condoms everywhere and just rough people all over the place. one day, i think i was about 6 years old, i wanted to go to the local park so my dad looked out our window to check it out (our flat overlooked the park) and said no as there were some dodgey looking folk hanging about there but agreed to let me play outside the front of our building. i had no intention of doing that and instead went over to the park like i wanted and started playing, this caused the 2 guys (who were both drinking) to keep looking over at me until they eventually approached me and kept cornering me so i couldn’t escape.

i started panicking but they told me to shut up otherwise they were gunna hit me and one of them grabbed ahold of me. thats when my dad came over like mufasa from lion king and hit one of the guys and kept pushing the other one. the guys were pretty drunk but backed up immediatly when my dad was there. my dad was super angry and it was the first time i’d ever heard him swear but yeah, the guys f*cked off and my dad took me home.

he was absolutely livid with me for going over to the park after telling me not too but he knew i would, turns out he’d actually followed me over and was watching the whole thing anyway, he didn’t expect the guys to get physical with me which is why he was so angry with them but he did expect them to try and bother me, he wanted me to learn a lesson about stranger danger lol. it worked though as i never did anything stupid like that again.”