12 People Speculate on What Might Still Be Undiscovered on the Ocean Floor



Human beings have only explored 20% of the ocean, so it stands to reason that there are at least a few things down there that we’ve never seen before – and these 12 people have some ideas about just what might be lurking undiscovered beneath the waves.

#12. This mental image.

“I have this mental image that pops up to bother me sometimes. It’s of me swimming in the middle of the ocean on a sunny day with a huge shadow underneath me. It could be anything. A submarine. A whale. Doesn’t matter. It bothers me.”

#11. Fingers crossed!

“Mermaids. Definitely mermaids.”

#10. Nopes.

“A bunch of aquatic nopes.”

#9. Like mermaids but not.

“Crab people.”

#8. Imagination station.

A talking sponge with trousers. SpongeBob Squaretrousers.

#7. The disappointing thing.

“There is probably some really freaky and scary stuff. The disappointing thing is that not long after we discover something we get used to it and stop caring.

We have zoos and aquariums full of shit people would have once thought was amazing and horrific, but once you give it a name it just becomes one more thing kids barely pay attention to on field trips.”

#6. Not necessarily in that order.

“Hopefully mermaids, underwater cities, and the cure to cancer.”

#5. Because maths.

“4x more of the shit we saw in the other 20%.”

#4. 10 years ago.

“The pair of glasses I lost in the water some 10 years ago.”

#3. Obviously.

“Nazi’s occupying Atlantis.”

#2. Mystery solved.

“Flight MH370.”

#1. Water midgets.

“2 factors I think would suggest what may be down there,

Firstly, id assume the pressure would make whatever lives there smaller, but stronger, kinda like water midgets.

Secondly, there is probably way less food so everything would again be smaller.

Just my guess, pressure could always make them larger due to more muscle mass being needed to move. And there may be tons of weird fish down there, meaning the big bois have lots to feed on, in turn making them massive. Really no idea, it seems the deeper you go the weirder shit gets..I for one am excited to see whats down there one day. (on TV, fuck going down there myself).”