12+ People Talk About the Most Humiliating Things Their Parents Ever Caught Them Doing



There’s nothing worse than being on the receiving end of that look of extreme disappointment that only parents can seem to pull off. You know you’ve been there at one time or another.

Now you can relive those moments because of these stories from Reddit users about the most humiliating things their parents ever caught them doing. Buckle up…

1. Interesting…

“One night when I was about 7 years old, my dad, brothers and sisters and I were sitting on the floor laughing and joking and having a good time. My dad, the dad troll he is, seizes this light-hearted family moment to talk about something serious. He told us how spectacular it is that if you talk into someone’s butthole, and the person who’s butthole is getting spoken into mouths the words, it’s as if they were the ones talking! My sisters were giggling and sniggering, obviously they knew it was a joke.. Meanwhile my brother and I looked straight at each other in pure amazement and ran up to our room…

A few minutes later, my dad came up to say goodnight (he thought we were going to bed), instead, he walked in on me talking into my brother’s bare a**hole like a scene from Clutch Cargo and my brother soundlessly mouthing words with enthusiasm. Oh god.. my dad hit the floor in complete hysterics, absolutely insane uncontrollable orgasmic laughter.. He was literally laughing to the point of pain for minutes. Then the rest of my family runs up the stairs to see what the commotion is about then they realized we tried that obvious bullshit! So then my brother and I just sat there watching our family fall over themselves pointing and laughing at us.

That’s about it, I’m 20 now and still haven’t lived that one down. It’s my dad’s favorite story to tell at parties.”

2. Poor dad

“When I was 41, I went to visit my parents and had to take a sh*t. For some reason, when I sat on the familiar, family throne, I had the urge to jack it like a teenager. I heard a sound above and just briefly causht a glimpse of my 70+ dad’s face disappearing from the skylight he was re-sealing.”

3. Busted!

“My Dad walked in on me squatting over the business end of a hairdryer.

I’d not long got out the shower and wanted to blast my gooch with warms. So there I was, naked, with my back to my bedroom door, hovering over the hairdryer. I didn’t hear Dad walk in due to the hairdryer. He just yelled “BUSTED!” and walked out.”

4. Gak

“When I was about 9 or 10, I had just bought some Nickelodeon Gak and was quite excited about it. I played and played and played. As a rather unusual child, the remarkably brilliant idea came to put the gak on my penis. It was gooey and satisfying. My mother walked in to see me laying on my bed with the gak container empty and an incriminating look on my face. She asked, “The gak is in your pants, isn’t it?” I shamefully nodded my head. She slowly closed the door and never spoke of it again.”

5. Photo shoot

“When I was about 5 or 6 I was at a friends house for the weekend and for some reason I got naked and jumped up and down on his parents bed. My friend takes this camera which he says has no film in it and takes loads of pictures with the flash pretending it’s some weird kind of photo shoot. Seriously OGODWHY. Anyway as it turns out the camera DID have film in it and they didn’t realise until the dad took it to get developed and got asked some very serious questions by the cops. Yeah. Didn’t go to that friends house any more after that.”

6. We’ve all done this

“I was watching Police Academy when I was about 8. there is a scene at a beach party where there are a few naked breasts on show. my mum walks in to catch me licking the tv screen where the bare breasts were.”

7. The pool table

“My boyfriend told me the most hilarious story the other day:

When he was a teenager he was hyper-sexual, like many teenage boys (and girls) I suppose. Anyway, he used to get pleasure from unusual tactile sensations, like lying naked in grass and things. One day he was in his family games room, and he decided to explore some of the sensory offerings in there. He took a cushion from the couch and put his d*ck in it, clearly this felt nice, because he mounted the cushion against the side of the pool table and started to have his way with it.

All of a sudden his mother comes in the door which is on the opposite side of the pool table. She asks what he’s doing in there, he tells her “nothing” and so she starts to have a deep and meaningful with him about how he’s feeling about life and whether or not he’s unhappy. The whole time he has to stay there pressed up against the pool table with his c*ck in the pillow until she finishes the conversation and leaves the room.”

8. Nickname

“Not me but my 15 year old sister. I picked her up from some place one day and we got talking about Dick, as in Richard who was someone who lives near us.

She couldn’t figure out how Richard could be shortened to Dick and she thought it was funny. I told that if she thinks that’s bad she should know what the short version of Sarah is, I told her it was C*nt.
She had a hard time believing it, I text my brother to get him in on it and long story short we had convinced her that c*nt was short for Sarah.

Anyway, nothing comes of this for weeks until she comes home from school one day in a bad mood, she had got after school detention for a week. We asked her why and she says they had to do a presentation in class, her and her friends Aoife and Sarah. Sarah had passed on the speaking part to my sister and she had said “Thanks C*nt” and she got detention for swearing. She had to try and explain that she was stupid/gullible enough to believe me that C*nt was to sarah what dick is to richard.

She had also told her friends about this and they also believed her, at least my sister took some convincing. I worry about her sometimes.”

9. Countless

“Countless times, jacking it. Parents just got to the point they stopped opening doors.. Period.

However my brother was caught jerking it on the family computer, in the living room, to preggo porn, at like 3:30… in the afternoon.”

10. Doctor

“When I was young me and my (female) friends used to play doctor, which looking back involved some pretty disturbing things for 5 year old girls to be doing. Once we were having a sleepover and my mum walked in to me stark naked with 3 fully clothed other girls around me inserting small paint brushes into my vagina. Still to this day I have no idea what she thought.”

11. Mum?

“I don’t know why but I asked my mum “why does my willy get hard when I see a pretty girl?”

12. Squiggle Wiggle

“Remember Squiggle Wiggle Writers? I don’t know if they’re in production anymore, but man those were awesome vibrators. Anyway, I was around 12 and I’d discovered this cool fact.

Now, I’ve always been a huge bookworm, to the point where my parents and teachers were very worried about me, and I’d usually read until very late in the evenings. My parents would come in and check on me a few times each night and tell me to go to sleep, and this one time I was awake, but not reading at all…

Being a child and panicking when I heard someone open the door to my room, I quickly hid the Wiggle Writer under my mattress, but I didn’t have the time to pull up my pyjamas bottoms, so I just pull the covers up to my chin, and so my dad pokes his head in and was like: “Are you reading?” and I go: “No! Not at all!” and he came in and was like: “Give me the book.” which just made things worse, because I didn’t have any book to give, so I just hide my hands under my covers and say: “Dad. I don’t have any book.” in a panicky voice, knowing full well what is about to go down. My dad then decides to pull my covers off in one big sweeping motion, hoping to reveal this piece of literature that is keeping me up and remove it from my room.

Instead, however, he just looks down at my pyjamas trousers around my ankles with a goofy face and says: “Uh. What is that?” and in a despairing voice I go: “Those are my pants…”, completely stonefaced. He didn’t reply, he just put the covers down and left without looking me in the eyes. I’m just hoping he didn’t see the Squiggle Wiggle Writer.”

13. Not dignified

“Not me but 2 of my friends who were brothers were caught blowing air from a bicycle pump into their ass, then one of them farted for about 40 seconds straight then proceeded to sh*t all over the carpet.

it was not one of his most dignified moments.”

14. Vacation pics

“Back in 2004 having just returned from Iraq my wife and I celebrated by heading to Jamaica (Hedo 3). We had the atypical fun down there and head back to our hometown to spend a week with family before heading back to Alaska where we were stationed.

On my deployment to Iraq I had gotten a fat reenlistment bonus that I spent an over the top VoodooPC laptop, I was very excited to show off my laptop when we got to my moms house and I hooked it up to her TV to show my pictures from Iraq and our vacation. Well my dumbass hadn’t broken the pics into good vacation and bad vacation pics so here we are, my wife and her parents and my mom and I sitting around this 50+ inch big screen when all of a sudden a nice shot of my wifes vagina pops up in 50 inch technicolor. Oh god, I panicked…started trying to click through the pics, each got progressively worse. It was about the time when my junk was in her mouth and she was looking up at me that I yanked the cable from the tv. The only sound to be heard was my deep exhale and the sobbing of my wife next to me. Yeah, my mom, being full of class brings that up everytime we are in town.”

h/t: Reddit