12 Photos That Prove Japan Is Different from Anywhere Else



I don’t know one single friend who has traveled to Japan and regretted their trips. They all gushed about the people and the culture and the food, and many of them have plans to return sooner than later.

I’m not sure whether these 12 photos have anything to do with why tourists seem to love it so much, but they definitely prove that your experiences there will be one in a million!

#12. They don’t treat hospital patients like inmates

Photo Credit: jenkinsinjapan

Check out the food available in this maternity ward!

#11. They take their engineering seriously

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is an image of a coin on a moving bullet train.

#10. The way workers strike is a bit different

Photo Credit: Imgur

#9. They’re doing something about water scarcity

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Wash your hands and reuse the water!

#8. Privacy is paramount

Photo Credit: Reddit

You can use white noise to mask the sound of you pooping.

#7. They’re extra considerate of the blind

Photo Credit: WordPress

Drink cans contain information in braille.

#6. They haven’t forgotten that making things beautiful is important

Photo Credit: Reddit

Check out these amazing manhole covers!

#5. Rules are meant to be followed, people!

Photo Credit: Reddit

#4. They realize that cleanliness is everyone’s job

Photo Credit: Joe Giddens

They stayed after the World Cup to help tidy the stadiums.

#3. Responsibility is a thing!

Photo Credit: Reddit

This person left a note and money apologizing for knocking over someone’s bike and breaking the bell.

#2. There’s no such thing as false advertising

Photo Credit: Reddit

You get what you expect – what a novelty!

#1. They’re super considerate of parenting struggles

Photo Credit: WordPress

Like what to do with your baby while you use the public toilet.