12 Teachers Spill the Beans on What Their Now-Famous Students Were like in Class



It must be weird to have reprimanded Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt for skipping school or mouthing off in class, or realizing that you once lectured P. Diddy on taking his schoolwork more seriously. But everyone was a kid once, and unless they were famous before the age of 18, most celebrities would have had a number of teachers who can sit back and recall what it was like to have them in class….and you know you’re dying to hear about it.

1. Kind of amazing

“My mom used to know Jim Carrey’s elementary school teacher. He was quite eccentric as a child and she would let him do his acts at the end of the day if he behaved himself

Edit: wow this blew up. Yes, I’m aware that this is well known. However, my mother is a teacher and she met this teacher at a conference years ago and since I was there too, I heard it directly from the teacher.”

2. Either way would have been a solid career choice

“John Goodman went to my high school, most of the faculty that knew him didn’t peg him for one to pursue acting as a career, and he actually aspired originally to become a brewmaster at the Anheauser Busch brewery.”

3. A common thread among the future-famous

“My biology teacher had Patrick Stump as one of his students. He said that he was very quiet and rarely spoke. When he did speak he was barely audible.”

4. Someone is eating their words

“My tennis coach taught T-Pain English. One anecdote he loved to share was telling T. Pain that writing rap verses in class “wouldn’t get him anywhere”. Boy was he wrong.”

5. A bad reputation

“Michael buble went to my high school before I got there. Teachers all said he was a real asshole.”

6. Some things never change

“My Grandpa was Richard Hammond’s Latin teacher. Apparently he was a trouble maker.”

7. Some kids can’t buy a break

“I knew someone that went to school with JGL. She said the students were actually kind of assholes to him even though 3rd rock from the sun was a big show at the time. When he first arrived at school people would just randomly yell filming directions at him. Like if he dropped a book, someone would stop and say “cut cut, lets do a re-take on that” and things like that. Supposedly he took it in good humor and would play along with it.”

8. It’s not all bad…

“Kate McKinnon from SNL grew up in my town. My French teacher used to teach her as well. He says she was extremely smart and overachieveing. I’ve heard the same from other teachers who’ve had her.”

9. Brazen

“My college professor had James Franco as a student in one of her classes. This is just before he made it to that A list level. Apparently he was failing so he offered to sleep with her better grade. He did not pass that class. I just can’t take his work seriously. And now in light of recent accusations… ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

10. Unsurprising

“A member of my extended family once dated Michael Cera’s elementary school teacher (like 4th or 5th grade I think?). She said he was the quiet kid who was a bit stinky.”

11. Never judge a book by its cover

“My old English professor taught Marilyn Manson a while back. He said he was a weird kid, always wore black, very to himself, but a genius in school, always got perfect grades.”

12. Boy, was she wrong

“My grandma taught Janis Joplin in the fifth grade. She said Janis was kind of quiet and we come from a small town in Texas, so she didn’t think anyone was going to make it big.”

h/t: Reddit