12 Things You’ll Understand If Your Cat Is Rude as Hell


If you think your cat is rude, know that you are not alone.

Cats can be so mean sometimes. Sure, they have their nice moments, but when they want to be mean, they unleash a true deviousness that is unrivaled in the animal kingdom. These 12 people also have cats that are professional meanies, so laugh along with them until your cat jumps on top of your keyboard.

1. “Your keys were on my bed.”

2. “A very unambitious vandal broke in?”

3. “Thank you for the new box. Can you please get this tower out of the way?”

4. Something isn’t right here.

Photo Credit: Reddit: raybanpat

5. That’s in the director’s cut.

6. Cat, meet baby.

Photo Credit: Reddit: local306

7. At least they’re honest.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @MaraWilson

8. At least it’s having a good laugh.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @bnr7403

9. Photo evidence.

Photo Credit: Reddit: taylorrayo

10. This is the 15th century equivalent of walking across your owner’s keyboard.

11. “You’re hot, then you’re cold…”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @sad_tree

12. This guy is so glad he spent all that money on a cat lounge.

Photo Credit: Imgur: angrymallard

Damn cats…always up to no good.