13 Hilarious Tweets From 2019

©Unsplash,Brittani Burns


Last year was kind of terrible for humanity and the world, but, hey, we got some great tweets out of the deal, didn’t we?!?!

You bet we did!

Here are 13 tweets from 2019 that we think were totally hilarious and on-point.


1. A little pep talk.

2. That’s kind of gross.

3. Never a good idea.

4. You think so?

5. This could get ugly.

6. A tragic situation.

7. Seriously…


9. Totally off.

10. I’m not manic, I promise.

11. It’s never happened. Ever.

12. Keep that on the down-low.

13. Bad, bad baby.

We know we can’t squeeze ALL the great tweets from last year into one article, so we need your help.

Share some of your favorite tweets in the comments with us!

Let’s see what ya got!