13 Strange Sights That Will Make You Scratch Their Chin


Do you know what’s going on in these 13 photos? Because we are stumped. Scroll through these 13 strange images and be prepared to scratch your head, chin, or whatever else helps you think.

1. We have so many questions.

Photo Credit: Imgur: POYZN

2. “World Cup.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: edd010

3. How do you get down?

Photo Credit: Reddit: Sveq

4. A real-life Meowth.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Day3110

5. Cheaper than shoes.

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. Nothing to see here.

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. “The deer had no comment.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: CosmicKeys

8. Dance party.

9. There were so many other places you could have chosen to sleep.

10. “What time is it? Oh, about a quarter ’til bean.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: ropean

11. He’s a great improviser.

12. There’s a story here.

Photo Credit: Reddit: taydripper

13. Is that a feature?

Photo Credit: Reddit: Aameba