13 Times Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Made Us Believe in Love



If you pay attention to the tabloids at all, you’re well aware that a lot of celebrity couples just don’t quite work out.

But Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively sure do seem like they are in love for the long haul. They constantly give each other a hard time on social media and the public just eats it up because it’s rare and genuine.

Here are 14 examples of when these two lovebirds made us believe in love again.

Ahhhhhh, that’s refreshing.

1. She picked a winner.

2. Who is funnier here?

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Dibs on Gordon. #CommentsByCelebs

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3. Giving each other the business!

4. Her clutch had the initials I, J, R, and B on it, her two kids at the time — Inez and James — Ryan, and for herself.

5. Hearing their daughter’s voice in a Taylor Swift song.

6. Wait a second…

7. He tried to embarrass her with not-super-flattering photos.

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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

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8. Some true love right there.

9. Goofing off and having a blast.

10. He loves his mom! And his wife!

11. Encouraging people to vote!

12. She gifted him an awesome painting that depicted him at his first job.

13. He’s working on the baking!

They sure are adorable, huh?

Who are some of your favorite Hollywood couples, past and present?

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