These people all have something very interesting in common: THEY BLEW IT. Big time. In my world, we call these epic fails.

But let’s not laugh TOO hard at them, okay? They’re having really rough weeks…

1. No, not exactly…

2. Hello, young people!

3. What the hell was that?

4. Mom did not think that was funny. At all.

5. Is it you, though?

6. 30 cents doesn’t go as far as it used to.

7. Not exactly a “Top Cop.”

8. The only thing you could do.

9. At least he bounced right back.

10. Should make quite a pair for the evening.

11. The man is a legend.

12. You’re famous! Kind of…

13. Time to find a new job.

14. I’m sorry…I misspoke…

Did you have any major fails this week that you care to divulge?

Share them with us in the comments…I promise we won’t laugh at you too much…