14 Times Therapy Actually Revealed Mind-Blowing Truths

Photo Credit: Twitter/__BHB__


A lot of folks tend to look down on therapy, but the fact of the matter is that it’s honestly helpful for just about anyone. Being in therapy doesn’t mean you’re “weak” or “crazy,” it just means you take your mental health seriously. What’s more, therapy can sometimes reveal inner truths that you might not have come across otherwise (or at least not as quickly).

Today we present 14 people who had some genuine breakthroughs in therapy that helped change their outlook. So, naturally, they shared on Twitter. Because that’s what we all do now.

It’s kind of like group therapy, right?

Making way for your better half…

Friends and “Friends”

The only constant is change!

Wrong person. Right time.

Someone pls pass tissues. Currently dead.

Just because it’s unknown, doesn’t mean it’s bad

If not you, then who?

With a capital T!

Renew yourself, fam!

Always check yourself…

Sometimes you just have to let it go

How much do you love yourself?

Isn’t it always that way, tho?

Time is precious after all…


I have that same problem about being direct and not caring who it hurts, so that one really hit home.

Great advice Lula! Thank your therapist for me! ????????????