15 Funny Bumble Conversations That Pretty Much Sum up Online Dating



Have you spent any time participating in online dating? It can be kind of a crapshoot. And by crapshoot, I mean that you encounter a lot of weird people and odd situations. And some funny stuff, too, once in a while.

The Instagram account Overheard Bumble compiles funny conversations from that dating site, and here are 15 examples that will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head.

1. That’s very important.

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some things we find important in a relationship: that our partner has a bed frame, that they know how to set up an HDMI cable, that their screen time is less than 4 hours a day, that their lips have never touched a juul, that they know the difference between they’re/their/there, everyday/every day, you’re/your, that they wake up at the first ring of their alarm, that they’re not a person who shoots out of their seat when the plane lands, that they’re not influenced by social media advertising, that they don’t bother us when we’re meditating, that their meditating doesn’t take away from the daily attention we require, that they own fewer than 1 non weather specific hat, that they travel domestically without checking a bag, that they don’t have keyboard sounds activated on their phone, that they love us despite our innumerable checklist of prereqs! *these are opinions (subjective!); don’t bash us in the comments if you don’t agree, please!!! but feel free to drop some things you find important in the comments* ????❤️ #OpinionsAreOurOwn #overheardbumble

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2. Ouch…

3. That might be the reason.

4. At least they’re honest.

5. You might get lucky!

6. Can’t be seen with you in public.

7. Hahahahaha.

8. Ghosted again.

9. Phone’s about to die.

10. Took a while to respond.

11. Now that is love.

12. Zing!

13. A good comeback.

14. Time well spent.

15. A killer opening line. 

Do you have any funny/awful/embarrassing/ridiculous online dating stories?

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