15 Funny Tweets About the Realities of Marriage

©Unsplash,Carly Rae Hobbins


Isn’t it always like this? Husbands and wives going back and forth, making each other crazy and in love at the same time.

Hey, that’s life!

Let’s take a look at some hysterical tweets about married life in all its glory.

1. Can you please move?

2. How could you?

3. Not anymore…

4. Always listening.

5. An embarrassment to the family.

6. A lot of deep sighs.

7. Thank God for your wife.

8. I can’t pretend.

9. I’ll sleep standing up tonight.

10. A very confident man.

11. You can die first.

12. From the grave.

13. Gonna be a shoot out.

14. Has it really, though?

15. That took a while.

Married life…you gotta love it!

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