15 Hidden Symbols in Everyday Objects That You’ve Probably Never Noticed



Symbols are everywhere, and once you’ve discovered them (or they’ve been shown to you), it hard to ever look at an object, logo, etc. the same way ever again.

This is especially true in the advertising world, where designers are apt to tease the eye with hidden symbols. I can honestly say I’ve never noticed most of these before. Take a look at these 15 examples and prepare to be impressed.

1. Caps and bottle on the Christmas Coca-Cola’s white bear

Photo Credit: Reddit,Surgikull

2. Neptune was the inspiration for the USB symbol

Photo Credit: depositphotos

3. The Hyundai Handshake

4. Binary numbers on the on/off button

Photo Credit: depositphotos

This one is very cool. The logo on your computer is a “1” and “0” combination, just like the binary system. Awesome, right?

5. The golden ratio and the Apple logo

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The famous Apple logo was designed on the principle of the golden ratio.

6. The bear on the Toblerone

Photo Credit: depositphotos

7. The “31” in the Baskin-Robbins logo

Photo Credit: depositphotos

8. The NBC peacock

Photo Credit: depositphotos

The six colors of the peacock represent the six divisions NBC had when the logo was created.

9. The bite in the Apple

Photo Credit: Apple

As mentioned earlier, it fits the golden ratio.

10. A kiss inside Hershey’s Kisses

Photo Credit: Hershey’s

11. The lifetime of cosmetic products

Photo Credit: Milani Cosmetics

24M means 24 months. Clever, huh?

12. The sky and propeller in the BMW logo

Photo Credit: Pixabay

BMW originally manufactured aircraft engines, so the blue represents the sky and the white symbolizes a moving propeller.

13. Two people and a bowl of dip in the Tostito’s logo

Photo Credit: Tostitos

Whoa! Mind-blowing!

14. The Pin in the P

Photo Credit: Pinterest

15. The Risque Lion King

Photo Credit: Reddit,ThisIsZach

Who knew? Probably not any of the kids watching…

h/t: Bright Side