15 Hilarious Accounts of the Moment People Realized They Were Old

Image Credit: Pixabay


Aging is inevitable, folks. I still remember the first time I heard one of my joints creaking. Definitely freaked me out!

Time comes for all of us, and these 15 people’s experience make me feel the slightest bit better.

#1. I am not ‘adult’ like that.

When I realized that I have clear memories of moments I spent with my parents when they were younger than I am now. I remember how “adult” I perceived them and I don’t feel like I am “adult” like that at all.

#2. Coupons in the mail.

When I started to get excited about coupons I got in the mail..

#3. A new vacuum.

When I got really excited about buying a new vacuum. In my defense….that vacuum is fucking dope!

#4. “Old” Disney shows.

When the kid I was tutoring referred to Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc., as “old Disney shows”

#5. They stopped asking for ID.

When they stop asking for ID when you buy beer.

#6. 10 years younger.

When I realized, that athletes in the NFL are 10 years younger than me. Plus they are already making millions…

#7. Every morning after.

Every morning after drinking.

#8. I’m a ma’am now.

That first time that first teenager called me “Ma’am” respectfully.

I’m a Ma’am now. I’m not a Miss anymore. sighs

#9. The tables have turned.

You know how you might see an older person and not remember them and they say, “you don’t remember me? I remember you when you were this small”?

Well I realized I was old when the tables turned and I ended up being the older one remembering this now grown up as a kid.

#10. I could not stop laughing.

i found out about a rapper named lil windex and i could not stop laughing

#11. I don’t mind.

I can’t name any actor on a recent show and I don’t know who most people are on TV or in music. I’m old,out of the loop but I don’t mind. The loop isn’t relevant to my interests anymore.

#12. Not 10 years ago.

1990 is NOT 10 years ago anymore.

#13. Grunting.

Grunting when picking up something. And the music is “just not as cool as before”.

#14. I just coughed.

Fucked around and coughed while on the toilet, somehow hurt my back and sprained my knee

#15. Classic rock.

when i heard Metallica on the classic rock station, also coming to the realization i have tattoos older than some of my co-workers

Getting old may be hell, but it does certainly beat the alternative!