15 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Alexa Is Funnier Than You



With all of the recent stories about Alexa’s creepy laugh and creepier random suggestions, it’s time to remind people of the lighter, funnier side of the house robot that will eventually wipe out humanity.

It turns out Alexa also has a sense of humor, which I can only assume she uses to disarm us until she’s ready to make her move for world domination.

15. She can really make you think

14. Anything, ftlog

Photo Credit: Twitter,thexanaxdiary

13. Maybe she knows something you don’t?

Photo Credit: Twitter,1trexavier

12. Maybe she meant M&Ms…

Photo Credit: Twitter,monybseattle

11. Hey, sometimes SHE wants to pick a song!

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. When your choices are to laugh or scream

Photo Credit: Twitter,worivh_

9. She does like attention

Photo Credit: Twitter,emiloewen

8. A small glimpse into the future

7. I’m a little worried she thinks you can pick this up at the store

Photo Credit: Twitter,meranduh

6. And Alexa is at home just laughing it up

Photo Credit: Twitter,ezrahill

5. Sick burn, Alexa

Photo Credit: Twitter,Parkerlawyer

4. Subtlety is not her strong suit

Photo Credit: Twitter,nichola_kett

3. Hahahahahaha

Photo Credit: Twitter,JesalTV

2. Thanks for the reminder

Image Credit: Twitter,zenb0b

1. Alexa is working for parents everywhere

Photo Credit: Twitter,BlackTapeSam

h/t: Bored Panda