15 Husbands Who’ll Make Yours Seem Like Prince Charming By Comparison


I’ve been a husband for about 3 years now, and I think I can confidently say that I am doing a much better job than these guys (not that that’s saying much).

Fellas, whatever your relationship status may be, you’ve gotta step it up. Enough with the “putting empty milk jugs back in the fridge”-BS. You’re a grownup, so act like it, yeah?

And to all you wives who complain about your husbands… bet he doesn’t look so bad now, does he?

1. Nice snack mix…unless your husband gets there first.

Photo Credit: Reddit: vespernata

2. What husband thought it was okay to put this back in the freezer?

Photo Credit: Reddit: jojojones423

3. Or this husband who left some cream cheese for his wife.

Photo Credit: Reddit: kittykat47

4. That’s, um…not how you cut an avocado.

Photo Credit: Reddit: KJN729

5. He had to get to the bagels, no matter the cost.

Photo Credit: Reddit: eleanora_

6. That little orange on top is just decoration, right?

Photo Credit: Reddit: ayannauriel

7. What? Who? How?

Photo Credit: Reddit: the_buttbank

8. He tried to shred the sliced cheese.

Photo Credit: Reddit: eeveefury

9. He bought fresh milk because they were “out.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Behazeled

10. Toast, anyone?

Photo Credit: Reddit: Niplash

11. Who doesn’t love orange slivers?

Photo Credit: Reddit: grumpycat_95

12. Her husband peeled one banana and ensured that the rest were ruined in the process.

Photo Credit: Reddit: clefabulous88

13. But…it’s supposed to…AHHH!

Photo Credit: Reddit: cakerton

14. Nothing like opening up the fridge and grabbing this:

Photo Credit: Reddit: JMyers666

15. Her husband always complains that his beer gets knocked over. If only there was a solution…

Oh, husbands. What would we do without them?